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Rev. Mbiwan Elected Superintendent Of Full Gospel Mission 

By Leocadia Bongben

CameroonPostline.com — Rev. Daniel Enonchong Mbiwan, formerly the Vice-Superintendent, has risen to the rank of Superintendent of the Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon, FGM. Rev. Mbiwan was elected recently to step up efforts in fostering peace through concerted prayer and bringing about moral transformation of communities, he disclosed in his office on August 27.

He was elected together with Rev. Allain Sokeng Clement as Vice Superintendent, Rev. Ngalle Martin as Secretary General and Rev. Manga Williams Njuma as General Treasurer.
Following nomination by a Wise Men Board, the team was elected for a five-year mandate by the general assembly. 

Mbiwan and his team have a mission to continue exploring avenues of encouraging spiritual growth within the precinct that faith is not a name but has to be translated in the daily life of an individual. The new team at the helm of the FGM, under the guidance of Rev. Mbiwan, was presented to the public during a solemn installation ceremony at the Azure Hotel on September 2.

The theme of the public presentation was “moving with God to the next level and making a difference,” inspired by Psalm 3: 12-14. After 50 years, the FGM has impacted on the Cameroonian nation spiritually, socially, educationally and culturally. The mission boasts of over 100.000 members, 1.000 churches and 700 pastors in 10 mission areas and 70 districts.

In the social domain, FGM has nursery and primary schools, secondary and high schools, a medical school, a teacher training school, a school for street children and health centers and a hospital. The Full Gospel Mission made its debut in Cameroon through a German missionary couple, Werner and Helga Knorr, in Mutengene in 1961. It has spread over the national territory and beyond to neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic and Congo Brazzaville. 

First published in The Post print edition no 01373

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