Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Riot Police Tear-Gas Moslem Protesters 

By Chris Mbunwe — An irate group of Moslems from Old Town in Bamenda were Friday, May 16, dispersed with tear gas as they were marching to Northwest Governor’s Office in protest against the detention of their Chief. 
The Moslems were requesting the Administration to immediately release their Chief, one Sariki Usmanu, detained at the Bamenda Prisons for about five months in connection with a stand-off over the ownership of a Mosque at Old Town.
The Moslems revealed that they had earlier presented their problem to the Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, Peter Etoe Mbongo, on May 12 and he told them that, before the week runs-out, it would be resolved. They said on May 16, they discovered that the DO was playing for time; hence they decided to storm the Governor’s office. 
Carrying placards with inscriptions like: “Release our leader”, “Justice must be done to our Chief who is wrongfully detained”, “Why should we suffer under the weight of a powerful Moslem brother” and so on, the protesters marched on up to ‘C’ Bend Up Station hill where the SDO for Mezam, Felix Ngelle Ngelle, rushed and met them, pleading that they should disperse and go back home because the matter was being handled by the judiciary. But the protesters told him they have heard enough of such talk and decided to go ahead with the protest march. 
A few minutes after the SDO left the demonstrators, the riot police zoomed in and tear gassed the Moslems, most of them youths. During the scuffle that ensued, a policeman sustained injuries and was rushed to the Bamenda Regional Hospital.
Meantime, the protestors ran away from the tear gas, down the hill, some abandoning their shoes behind. At the hospital, the wounded policeman was attended to briefly and was later discharged. 

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