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Road Accident Leaves 6 Injured In Buea 

By Esther Qui Beunkee, Riah Ndip & Kueko Ariane Toukem* — Six people are receiving medical attention at the Buea Regional Hospital, after sustaining injuries in a car accident on Sunday, September 1. The accident occurred at the GCE Board Junction at about midday.

An eyewitness, Ephraim Chi, told The Post that a driver of a Carina E vehicle, who seemed to have been fleeing from the police, caused the accident. “The driver was on high speed and was trying to apply the brakes from Salvation Pharmacy, until he lost control after about 70 metres, when he crashed into a taxi,” Chi recounted.

According to Felix Umeneh, the driver whose taxi was knocked from the rear, he was trying to drop a passenger when the vehicle hit him. “Before I could get hold of my steering, my taxi hit a car that was parked in front of mine,” Umeneh said. All the five passengers and the driver (Umeneh) sustained wounds and were rushed to the hospital by elements of the Mobile Intervention Unit, (GMI).

A victim of the accident, Rev. Father Joseph Awoh, Registrar of the Catholic University of Bamenda, said he had stopped to rest for a while before continuing his journey to Bamenda when his car was bashed. “It was just so fortunate that I had my seat belt on or else, the accident would have claimed my life,” Fr. Awoh said. At the hospital, The Post found out that one of the accident victims is a Form II student of GHS Bokova Rural.

Roger Orock, who was in the front seat with another passenger, sustained a broken ankle. His father, Thomas Orock, Mayor of Tinto Rural Council, said: “We are disappointed because our son was to resume school on Monday, but cannot because of his [injured] ankle. We do not intend to take any action since it was an accident. All we need do now is pray for speedy recovery. ”

Other taxi drivers at the hospital, who asked for anonymity, blamed the accident on the police. “What is the use of the number plates if the police keep chasing us around like wild rats?” they questioned. Meantime, the police denied the allegations levelled against them and declined giving any information concerning the driver of the Carina E who, by press time, was at large.

*(UB Journalism Students on Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01462

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