Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Rotary Offers Tricycles To Persons With Disabilities 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Two Persons Living With Disabilities, PLWD, Obadiah and Yvette Marie Fani, were, on May 29, offered tricycles by the Rotary Club of Limbe from a grant project that is intended to relieve over 10 PLWD from the daily stress of having to hobble around on crutches and other rudimentary walking aides.

The President of the Limbe Rotary Club, Peter Akote, told The Post that it is a project that is being championed by their Fellow Rotary colleague, A.B. Moore of the Rotary Club of Guelph in Canada.

According to him, even though the two tricycles offered were the manually driven type, they intend to, in the next six months, acquire motorised tricycles, which they shall distribute to over 10 PLWDs.
“Our drive is to help these persons with these motorised moving aids so that they can be able to go about their own daily activities without stress,” he said.

The event, which took place at the Limbe II Council premises, was attended by the Mayor of Limbe II, Duncan Molindo and his Deputies.
On how they came about the project, he said it was thanks to the Limbe II Women’s Forum, which helped to identify the beneficiaries and sort the assistance of the Limbe Rotary Club. With the collaboration of the Rotary Club of Guelph, Canada, and with their colleague, Moore, as their focal person, they were able to raise the money for the first two tricycles.

“We are buying the tricycles from the ‘Maison de Cycles’ in Cameroon and the future ones are going to be motorised. We intend to accomplish the project in the next six months. We already have a list of 10 PLWDs who have been identified as the next recipients,” Akote said.

The Vice President of the Limbe II Women’s Forum, Agnes Engemise, lauded the efforts of the Rotary Club and urged members to keep their benevolent doors open, because “we shall soon be coming back to knock at these doors for assistance. We thank the Limbe Rotary Club and their Canadian counterparts for this kind gesture,” she said,
The recipients of the tricycles were overwhelmed with joy.

“I am so happy to be one of those receiving this precious gift, which will, henceforth, facilitate my movements,” Obadiah said.

Yvette Marie Fani said, “thank you a thousand times because I am so overwhelmed with joy. May God continue to bless all Rotarians.”

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