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ROUGHSHOD: BIR Can Wait For October 2011 

By Bouddih Adams

On February 24, the Rapid Intervention Battalion, RIB virtually un-ribbed the Victoria (Limbe) populace, leaving many spineless. The impunities visited on citizens of that peaceful seaside city, has left every one praying that the jackboots’ father and benefactor should pull them out from the public and harbour them around him in Etoudi.

The RIB or BIR has confirmed public fears that it is an elite force operating without fear for the laws of the land which protect the fundamental rights of citizens and their property. It has confirmed their claims that they are for, and answerable only to the Head of State. Else, how can their commanders explain the fact that even the lowest in rank and file of the BIR, mindlessly disregards even senior officers in the regular or other forces? Why does Cameroon need so many elite forces?

Where are the "gorillas" trained sometime ago (was it in Israel?) to protect the President? Protecting him against whom? How can battalions of soldiers be trained to protect one person against the expense of 20 million Cameroonians? Yet, the people are robbed, raped and killed everyday by bandits, after paying taxes hoping for security.

Only drug dealers in Latin America are known to want so much protection. In those parts, you can know how much a person has wronged his community; from how much protection he needs against his community. Otherwise put; a leader’s fear of his community or country can be measured in terms of the number of his guards.

So, why wrong people so much only to live in so much fear? Would it not cost anyone less and earn him a lot of freedom and assured security if he let people have what is theirs – than taking their due and using it in buying so much protection against haunting insecurity?


Does the President, theretofore, feel that he has hurt so many Cameroonians? How can the President be afraid of his own citizens from whom he says he enjoys 90 percent support?
The President of Tanzania, Kikwete, moves around sometimes with barely four guards. This is because a people cannot place someone in office, as they did, and pelt him with stones the next day.

If any President of the United States of America needs so much protection, it is because the Al Qaeda would like to have his head for breakfast, his heart for lunch and the rest of his body for supper. It is not for the Americans who made him President. Is it, therefore, true that the BIR has been drilled and cast to enable President Biya to seize power from the people, again, at the presidential election due in October 2011?

Yet, they won’t wait for 2011? Why should they go to work – almost 20 months earlier – meting on the people what they have to do them, when that time has not come? Is it a foretaste of what the people should expect when the time comes – or a deterrent? But they should know that each time they have the urge to exercise their training on the public, relations and property of members of the other forces are also victimised.
They can, indeed, wait for 2011.

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