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ROUGHSHOD: Cameroon Health System Kills Woman In Labour, Unborn Twins 

Again, the Biya regime or system has this habit of diverting attention on burning issues by creating a situation that people would be looking or concentrating on while they ride roughshod against the will of the people.

Sometimes, when they the regime is about to rape the people, either due to luck or the of lack it, there is a happenstance that diverts the attention of the people, while the regime perpetrates its stay and continues to paralyses the State.

However, they have learnt to divert attention from issues, we have learnt to come back to such issues.
I was about appealing to reporters of English expression and other writers in the Queen’s language to stop talking about “anticipated elections”, as the French language would have it, and to rather talk of “precipitated elections”, “early elections” or “snap elections”.

I was also about scribbling the next letter in the series to Mr. President, especially as he was taking off from wherever he was to come and sojourn in this blessed triangle that has been unblessed by a circus master and his cheerleaders.

Then, my attention was drawn to Douala, the Laquintinie Hospital, where medical practitioners performed the most anti-practice of the decade; by allegedly allowing a woman in labour to die because she hadn’t the money to pay before being given medical attention.

The title of this piece is borrowed from a renown name on social media, Rebecca Tickle, who captured the heinous incident at Laquintinie as ‘Cameroon’s Health System Assassinates Woman’
She captures it crisply and aptly, because the cankerworm of corruption and the craze for money has permeated every part of the government of the Cameroons. Everyone cares about the means to make money and not the principles of their profession.

That is the kind of thing that happens when people who would have been butchers in life are taken and made medical doctors just because someone wants to satisfy his nepotism or ethnic dominance in every field of life as a guarantee to stay in power.

I was further peeved by the Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda, who came up to the public and make claims that he cannot substantiate, scientifically, that the woman, Monique Koumate died four hours before she was brought to the hospital. And that her unborn twins were also dead by the time she was brought to the hospital.

The question is; if the hospital authorities refused to attain to her for lack of money, who then examined her to know that she was dead and her twins also died in her womb? Could the person have used a remote control?

Applying good journalism practice, Anne Mireille Nzouankeu, during her investigation in which she talked to a medical doctor and posted online; the medic explained that Monique Koumate could not have died four hours earlier as the Minister of Health claims because, when her niece, in a desperate move to save the twins, cut her open, blood was still running fresh and in its normal colour. If she had died four hours before, her blood would have started coagulating and the colour would have changed going blackish.

Yet, against the claims of the Minister that the woman died four hours earlier and was brought to the hospital in the booth of a taxi, Anne Mireille quotes the medical doctor as saying, if Koumate was brought four hours after death, her body would have taken the shape in which she was placed in the booth of the taxi.

True. I think one doesn’t need rocket science knowledge to know that the body would have been stiff as rigor-mortis would have taken over; that the family would not have been able to lay the body straight on her back as she was seen during her niece’s hack surgery.

For opening his mouth and pouring out such unscientific babble, in a system that has any respect left, the Minister should have resigned by now. Especially as it is coming only a few weeks after the Minister issued an instruction that patients in emergency and surgical situations should be attended to first and payment can follow 24 hours after.

That is the kind of crap that the Minister of Communication at one moment given another scandal concerning a hospital said a body had been discovered two months after death hence a DNA could not be conducted. DNAs are carried out on remains of people that died thousands of years ago.

As if that was not shameful enough, the Minister did not resign and, today, he is still making such unscientific statements, day in, day out.

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