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ROUGHSHOD: Skies Weep Over CPDM Peoples Call 

By Bouddih Adams

The heavens seemed to have decided against the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM militants’ organised call on March 5, to President Biya to run for re-election.
The March 5 rally had been planned on March 1 in Limbe at the instance of Hon Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, Vice President of the National Assembly and, by extension, Senator Mafany Musonge as CPDM political leader of the Southwest Region.

According to the plan, buses were to be hired to ferry militants into Buea from all corners of the Region.
The buses were duly hired and they ferried both true and hired militants from all the nooks and crannies of the Region, to swell the numbers for the cameras and for effect. They were supposed to make what they termed the loudest noise or call so that President Biya can hear the echoes, wherever he is in Europe on a private visit.

Immediately the rally ended and the noise on radios, television stations and newspapers, plus the merry-making was about to begin, the skies got angry, frowned with a thick cloud engulfing the atmosphere, then split its belly and poured down its contents of a long and lasting waters. In fact, the downpour deadened any noise that Biya might have heard, even if he were just in the Prime Minister’s Lodge or the Presidency here in Buea.

Going by CPDM leaders in the Southwest, the call from militants in other places was presumably not loud enough and or was not heard by Biya. But the question is; why did the Southwest CPDM have to wait until Biya travelled, before making the call for him to hear the echoes in faraway Europe.

Of course, they had waited too long and couldn’t wait again, because, one thing that they can be sure of is that they are not sure when Biya is going to come back from his private visit to Europe. The other thing is that the 31st anniversary of the CPDM is around the corner and they have to plot another conspiracy, against the people of the Cameroons, to celebrate the anniversary.

Nevertheless, the Southwest CPDM militants have joined the bandwagon of schemers calling on a man in his 84th year of life to run for re-election, instead of calling on him to take a deserved rest.
In my humble and honest opinion – and I have said it before – those people calling on Biya to go in for the 2018 Presidential election are either suffering from puerility, stupidity or outright impunity.
I say CPDM militants are puerile because Paul Biya is the natural candidate of the CPDM. By that, it means he is automatically the candidate to run anytime for President.

They are stupid because they are behaving as if the country is a one -party State. They are, because Biya has not indicated that he does not want to run. Except this is planned by him so that he can turn around and say he has been asked to run. And that is trying to be clever by half.

Impunity because an election that is to hold in 2018 – three years away – and people are calling for someone to put in his candidature today connotes gimmicks and a sinister agenda.
Besides, the country cannot be at war, threatened by insecurity from all corners and all you think of is election that are due in the next three years, because you want Biya to perpetrate himself in power and you perpetrate yourself in the position he appointed you to.

Actually, there’s no need for elections in this geo-political contraption. Elections are a sheer waste of resources and time.

Why should there be an election when the results are known before it actually holds? Rather invest the money in projects and state clearly that it is money that should have been used for election.
Secondly, the change of the Constitution for unlimited terms already makes Biya a life President. So, why waste sorely needed funds on election that would change nothing?

The ‘Biya call’ is a thing cooked up at the Presidency (my polite way of saying they are cooked up by him). If not, why doesn’t he stop them?

Same thing happened in the 1990s when the Presidency sent envoys to go and tell the traditional rulers of the then West Province to call on the President to call early elections and run. It happened in 2009 when the Presidency asked its CPDM people to call for a change of Constitution for the President to have an unlimited mandate. It was documented as” The People’s Call” volumes one and two.

If these schemes are not designed by Mr. Biya, or they don’t suit his designs; why doesn’t he order a stop to it?
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