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ROUGHSHOD: ‘The People’s Call’ – Indeed 

By Bouddih Adams

Members of government, March 29, again regurgitated the politics of the 60s and 70s, when they staged some sort of père-de-la-nation in antics launching a book: "Paul Biya, The People’s Call."  The book is the second volume published six months after the first, based on supposed motions of support and purported calls for President Biya to run for the 2011 Presidential Election.

This is the fourth publication in the form of a book, in less than two years, on Paul Biya. Meanwhile, there are a lot of issues and problems plaguing the nation, which these so-called intellectuals can research on, find solutions to and bring relief to their communities and society. Does an intellectual need to remind Paul Biya that he is President and Head of State?
Hear them: "Paul Biya: Sacerdotal Politics …;  The Biya Code; Paul Biya: The People’s Call (I); Paul Biya: The People’s Call(II) and bla bla bla. 

During such book launch charades, you would hear the intellectual pimps sing: "Paul Biya: God’s Call!" It was even announced that the third volume The People’s Call is in the works. 
In fact, these so-called motions and calls compiled into books, are written in Yaounde by these very same people; brought to the provinces and gullible villagers are bought with a few cups of rice, few bottles of beer and a few FCFAs, to append their signatures, then, they are carried back to Yaounde to be read.

Deja Entendu

The book, indeed, serves the interest of, including Biya, less than a couple hundred Cameroonians of elastic morals, whom he keeps recycling in government, to the detriment of the youth and future of the Cameroons. It is part of the skulduggery by these few, who wish Mr. Biya to continue to rule and continue to cover their collective mess; lest a new leadership would expose and hold them to judgement. It, however, inadvertently renders naked their narrow-minded interests and lowly-minded reasoning.   

Firstly, Biya has not, at the least, indicated that he would not run. Secondly, according to the constitution of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, the National Chairman is the automatically the party’s candidate to Presidential Election. Biya is still CPDM National Chairman. Does this mean that members of the CPDM government, the Central Committee and Politburo do not read or know the constitution of the party?

They should have, at least, remembered that they used the same resources and efforts, in trying to persuade the Cameroonian people, when they wanted Biya to take the "last seven-year mandate" prior to the 2004 Presidential Election. If the calls were genuine, would they need a book? Do "the people" need a book to be informed about their own calls? Intellectual hypocrisy is the worst form of hypocrisy. Hopefully, time – the greatest judge and healer – is recording all of this.

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