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Rumours Of Ritual Head Hunters Rock Kumba 

By MaxcelFokwen

Kumbahas descended into a tense state of fear and anxiety after rumours of beheading for rituals hit the city recently.

Gossips of persons being killed and beheaded for rituals is spreading wildly and keeping the residents of the capital of Meme Division on their toes. Yet, no one has confirmed that a relative or friend’s head has been cut off and taken away.

Rumours of the head hunters sparked off after the controversial death of a man in Meta Quarter last week.

The man known for moulding aluminum pots was found dead in front of another man’s shop, but no one could immediately trace what happened to him.

Two versions emerged from the incident -the man’s head was cut off and those who say the contrary.

A day after the incident, another rumour hit the town that a woman’s head was almost hacked off, but for her screaming that alerted the public.

Before the rumourdied down, another surfaced of the killing of a woman and her daughter in the Barombi Kang neighbourhood.

The rumours have developed into a story of ritualists in search for female heads. Some say the killers of the first victim mistook his dreads for a woman’s.

In the wake of the rumours, the Commissioner of Kumb Central Police Station in charge of public security, Wilson Njume Njikang,reassured the population that there are no such happenings in Kumba.

In a media outing at the Ocean City Radio, the Commissioner described the rumours as being dangerous as the Ebola virus, which may be difficult to cure once it enters the public fabric. 

According to Ocean City Radio,the Commissioner maintained that there are no beheadings in Kumba and reassured the residents to go about their daily activities without fear.


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