Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Russia To Support Refugees, Displaced People In Cameroon 

By Marriane Enow Tabi

The Russian Government has announced plans to donate large quantity of food and fire-fighting equipment to Cameroon in order to support refugees and displaced persons in the country.

It was on the basis of this civil protection cooperation initiative that the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Emmanuel Nganou Njoumessi, granted audience to Russia’s Vice Minister for Emergency Situation, Yuri Brazhnikov.
Brazhnikov was accompanied by the Secretary General of the International Civil Protection Organisation, Vladimir Kushinov, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Cameroon, Nicolay Ratsiborinski and a host of other top shots of the Russian Government.

According to the Russian Vice Minister for Emergency Situation, their meeting with Minister Nganou Njoumessi was devoted to issues of cooperation in the field of civil protection and to offer their assistance to the State of Cameroon.
Brazhnikov said their support and assistance, which are in tandem with the international civil protection norms, are aimed at helping Cameroon manage the refugees and displaced populations in the Eastern Region that proliferated due to insecurity in the Central African Republic.

Talking to the press about Russia’s determination to boost civil protection in Cameroon, Brazhnikov said the aid package will include equipment worth US 4 Million Dollars, food stuffs containing 8,500 tons of flour and 340 tons of sunflower oil.
He added that there will also be the training of civil protection personnel in Russia. The Russian official pointed out that a Russian cargo plane has already unloaded 35 tons of oil at the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport, while the most important part of the aid will be unloaded in the coming days at the Douala Seaport.

Saluting such international solidarity and cooperation, Minister Nganou Njoumessi thanked the Russian delegation for their assistance and assured them of Government’s will to make good use of their support. At the end of the audience, the Secretary General of the International Civil Protection Organisation announced the opening of a Civil Protection Sub Regional Centre in Cameroon.