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Sacked Pastor Forbidden from Using Pastoral Attire 

By Michael Ndi

CameroonPostline.com — Rev. Che Solomon Wara who was dismissed from the Presbyterian  Church in Cameroon  (PC ) on June 2 has been forbidden from using the  pastoral attire in all his activities.

According to the 2-page dismissal letter of June 2, 2012 titled “ Confirmation  of Termination”, signed  by Rev. Abwenzoh William  Membong of the PCC Synod, a copy of which the sacked  Rev. Solomon Wara himself made available to this reporter, he was shown  the way out of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon  over his notorious waywardness.

The letter stressed that Rev. Che Solomon Wara took a number of vows during his ordination into “the ministry of Word and Sacrament” but did not live up to all of them.

“Among the church vows were those that state that you are to respect the constitution of the P.C.C as well as her Rules and Regulations and the doctrines of the reformed tradition. Unfortunately, you have violated the said vows with impunity on many occasions and in many places,” the letter stated..

The PCC was particularly incensed that Rev. Wara had been running separate church activities which were parallel and conflicting with those of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. “Your attention has been called to the above mentioned acts and behavior on more than one occasion and you have continued to do whatever pleases you at each time,” the PCC official complained.

After categorically announcing Rev. Wara’s dismissal, the letter emphasized:  “You are forbidden from using the pastoral attire of the PCC in all your activities”.

In a lighter mood, the letter consoled Rev. Solomon by stressing that he remains a Christian of the P.C.C if he so desires but he shall cease from being considered as a clergy of the church.
Conclusively, the synod threw the bombshell, Reacting to the dismissal, Rev Wara said the truth shall ultimately prevail.

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