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Sasse College Is Celebrating Service To The Nation – Principal 

Interviewed By Walter Wilson Nana & Ernest Sumelong

On Saturday, March 28, St. Joseph’s College Sasse would be 70 years old. Preparations to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foremost Boys College are in high gear. In the build up of this event, the Principal of the College, Rev/Fr. Aloysius Ituka Ndifor, in this exclusive interview with The Post, says they are celebrating 70 years of service to the Nation. Among other things, he also talks about the legacy of the school, the 70th anniversary celebrations and the future of the school. Excerpts:

Saint Joseph’s College Sasse is 70 years old, what’s your immediate reaction?
It is big news. 70 years is a great time. It is a moment to thank God for. I think it is time to say the secondary education in Cameroon has come a very long way. It is big glory not only to Saint Joseph’s College in particular but to Cameroon education as a whole.

What is Sasse College celebrating, 70 years after?

We are celebrating gratitude to God for our existence. We are celebrating academic excellence, moral rectitude and all it takes to run an institution of that magnitude. We are also celebrating service to the nation. Sasse College has churned out thousands of people into the world and this is time to say that we don’t regret passing through Sasse College.

What has been the feedback of the ex-students back to the College?

It has been enormous. But we will not stop encouraging them to do more and come back more often to take a look at their alma mater and keep the flag flying higher and higher. Some ex-students (Sasse Old Boys Association, SOBA) chapters have been making a lot of contributions. SOBA chapters of the US, UK, Germany and some individuals readily come to mind. They have been giving scholarships to some students, especially those who cannot pay their tuition with ease. Students who have been performing excellently in their academic life have been given regular scholarships. SOBANs and those lagging behind are invited to join the family and chip in their own quota and, why not, thank God that they went through this school in Cameroon.

How will the celebrations look like?

Saturday, March 28, will be a highlight of Sasse College’s 70 years. The biggest event will be the 75th anniversary in the next five years. We will begin with a Holy Mass at 9 am, which will be celebrated by the Proprietor of the College, His Lordship, Bishop Immanuel Banlanjo Bushu, and some other invited Priests. From the Holy Mass, there will be a guided tour of the College, some speeches will cue in and there will be an academic discourse from Dr. George Dopgima Nyamndi of SOBA Buea Chapter. Thereafter, match pass would follows according to the batches, beginning from 1939 when the school started and will round off with a common meal.
Are there any major projects in the pipeline that will be launched on March 28?
I still have the cat in the bag, you wait for Saturday and you will have that.

Are you convinced Sasse College still has the tradition to bring up Cameroonian children in the right perspective? 

It has done it in the past 70 years. If Sasse College had not been up to the task, then you should have been told or heard the contrary. We have been up to the task, bringing up Cameroonians and other nationals up to standards that we think is worth the name.

After 70 years, what next?

In Sasse College, we work as a team. We think that what need is just sustenance. Several institutions have come and gone because sustenance is absent. We make an appeal to all who have Sasse College at heart; SOBANS, PTA and our well-wishers, to work harder and maintain what we have achieved so far. Who knows, a Sasse College University may just be in the making.

How do you compare Sasse College of yesteryears, Sasse College of today?

Every epoch has its own nuances. The batch of 1939 came with its own challenges. They proved tall and hard to their own challenges. Today, we clap for them because we face the issues of today. The batch of 2008/2009 academic year has its own challenges. I think the administration, the staff and all those guiding the students of today’s Sasse College want to keep the good pace we have always had. The challenges continue to be there but we deal with them as they arise.

Is there something thing that is yet to be done for the school by SOBANS?

A few SOBANS talk too big than they act! Let what they say match with what they do for the school. Sasse College has a big name, I am proud to say it. Let the big name march with big actions and we shall all thank God for what we think.

Anything to add?

Sasse College is a mission institution, belonging to the Diocese of Buea. If there is something we have fallen short of, please let’s get to our knees. Everyday we thank God that He gave us this college. I appeal to the parents, SOBANS, who have children in the college, to keep to the norms of the college.