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SCNC Activists Still In Detention In Bamenda 

By Wambo Emmanuel — Over two weeks after some 22 people; 2 of whom were women were arrested in Bamenda for allegedly holding a meeting of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), they remain in detention pending a court appearance.

The police are reported to have pounced on the 22 persons in the Rendezvous neighborhood of Bamenda as they were said to be holding a meeting of the movement. It is reported that they were whisked off to the public security police station in Old Town Bamenda, where they spent one week before being transported to the Bamenda central prison awaiting trails. The activists were due to appear before a court in Bamenda on Monday May 6th but the hearing was adjourned because the sitting magistrate was sick.

Security has been stepped up in all Anglophone areas ahead of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Cameroon. Through searches carried out on the residence of some of the detained members, more members of the movement are being sought for. They are believed to have fled into hiding or left the country for fear of arrest and torture.

Amongst them are Mbah Walters, Ofon Valentine and Fomujong Eric. The fact that they are still wanted after about a decade shows the determination of the regime to crack down on any secession or autonomy related activities from Southern Cameroons.  Activist under detention are usually faced with inhumane conditions, deprived of the role of law and deprived of food and water in the mist of other hardened criminals.

Meanwhile the doors of the Foundation Radio, a Bamenda based news outlet which were close over a month ago for broadcasting a program on SCNC remain shut.  The tightened security means any one seen or heard to be sympathetic to the movement is swiftly arrested and thrown into jail.

First published in The Post print edition no 01434


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