Saturday, June 15, 2019
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SCNC Launches Campaign Against French Language Signboards 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Southern Cameroons' flag

Southern Cameroons’ flag

Activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, have launched a campaign against French Language signboards in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

The activists took the decision during a secret meeting in Meme Division.

The meeting was aimed at expanding the scope of their arguments and to help them better prepare for the defense of the 15 activists currently being tried at the Buea Magistrate Court.

The Post gathered that the SCNC proponents are prepared to use hit-and-run tactics on any signboard with messages written solely in French.

The demolition campaign on French Language signposts, according to the activists, would help increase public sympathy from the two English speaking Regions in the country.

During the secret meeting, most of the activists vowed to carry out the campaign against French Language signposts even if it means clashing with security forces.

Others, The Post gathered, took an oath to carry out the campaign even if it means serving jail terms for it.

Organisers of the meeting are said to have been spurred by the massive turnouts of SCNC activists at the trial of the 15 activists in Buea.

They are said to be banking on the legal prowess of Common Law Lawyers who have thronged the courts recently in huge numbers to defend them.

Beside the yet to be launched campaign on public signboards, The Post further gathered that a cross section of the activists have resolved to storm the courtrooms each time one of theirs is being tried.

Disagreement Over Kidnapping Strategy

A point that failed to sail through the secret meeting was the proposal by some members to use kidnapping as a tool to facilitate their activities.

Disagreement on the point practically ruined deliberations at the conclave.

The proponents are said to have advance the possible kidnapping of some public figures of Anglophone extraction.

It is said that this was the second time the SNCC kidnap bill was being rejected in session.

Some activists, especially youths are said to have enlisted public figures of Anglophone extraction across the political spectrum for kidnaping.

Their crime, according to the activists, is the failure to support the struggle for the ‘liberation’ of Southern Cameroons.

Recent declarations from renowned activist, Mola Njoh Litumbe, that the United Nations is requesting 2 million signature to entertain the liberation struggle has broadened the activists.

It is reported that even as the secret meeting went underway without the presence of SCNC front liners, pieces of papers went into circulation demanding signatures to advance the SCNC course.

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