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SCNC To Announce New Leader After October 1 Demonstration 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Southern Cameroons' flag

Southern Cameroons’ flag

The Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC,would announce a new leadership after their planned demonstration on Saturday, October 1.

Information filtering out of the SCNC holds that the youth wing of the movement plans to hijack its activities.
Plans have reportedly intensified to get a leader who will defend the course of Southern Cameroonians.

It is believed that having a youth at the helm of the Secessionist Group will make its activities robust and more convincing.

The Post gathered that the new leader is yet to be identified, but the target of those spearheading the plan is to make public the person’s identity after the upcoming events.

The firs is the obvious October I controversial outing.

The October outings have always resulted in a standoff between persons claiming to represent the interest of Southern Cameroons and security forces.

October 1, 2016, The Post learnt will see the activists try to stage their activities in the Southwest Regional capital, Buea.

In this light, The Post learnt that hundreds of T-shirts are already being processed for the event.

The T-shirts,according to proponents of the movement, may even outnumber those willing to stake their identity come Saturday in the face of growing Government effort to maintain public peace.

It is reported that the shirts would be made available to anyone who wish to get them in preparation for the event.

The channels of circulation have persistently beat security and public findings.

Secondly, the announcement is expected to come whenever the current case at the Buea Magistrates’ Court concerning 15 activists comes to an end.

Reports hold that with growing legal support for those activists on trial, the strategy of a new leadership is to fasten the tune of the group’s activities.

Planned demonstrations in Buea are being earmarked after a campaign was launched against French Language signboards.

The meeting which gave birth to the campaign ended in disagreements over a proposal to start kidnapping Anglophone elite, who are indifferent to Anglophone plights.

Observers of SCNC activities hold that the rising interest of splinter Youth groups within the movement could be linked to different factors.

The commentators point to the delay in achieving the illusionary independence50 years since the struggle began.

Pundits also advance reports of mistrust and suspicion among the leaders of the SCNC. Claims and counter claims of one group collecting money from the Biya regime in secret dialogues have equally rendered the group placid.

Press reports have equally uncovered that; most of those who started the struggle have lost steam.

In this light, some are said to have transformed the movement into a Business venture. They gain through scooping money from donors, Government and similar interest groups elsewhere.

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