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SDF Calls On Biya To Resign 

By Chris Mbunwe & *Joy Ngong Tsinghe

Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairrman

Meeting in Bamenda over the weekend, the Social Democratic Front, SDF, National Executive Committee, NEC, adopted a number of resolutions, among which the party said Biya has failed in handling the crises in Cameroon, especially the Anglophone Crisis and, as such, he should resign.

The SDF took a firm stand that, for schools to resume, Anglophone detainees in Yaounde that are being tried in military courts be released, and that the Government should stop the harassment of citizens.
“The SDF is committed to the proposition that education is life. It bares emphasising that parents are ready to send their kids to school, teachers are ready to return to the classrooms, pupils and students are eager to learn and, above all, the population yearns for a return to normalcy in this two Regions. But this requires the Biya regime to create an enabling and conducive environment, which consists, among others, the conditions stated above.”

These confidence-building measures which have been addressed in previous SDF communiqués, the party believes, that if handled properly, it will pave the way for constructive and meaningful dialogue on the Anglophone Problem.

“This ought to be the regime’s priority, instead of wasting taxpayer’s funds dispatching delegations abroad to misinform the international community as to the true nature of the Anglophone Crisis,” the SDF holds.

“The party reiterates that the responsibility to resolve this Crisis rests on the shoulders of Mr. Biya, and his shoulders alone. Mr. Biya, who has so spectacularly abdicated from his functions as Head of State, should finally give full effect to his actions by resigning from this office.

The incompetence, negligence, laxity and inertia of Government are the very reasons why this party, Ni John Fru Ndi, who presided at the NEC meeting, states, unequivocally, that: “The Biya regime’s refusal to engage the Cameroonian people in meaningful dialogue on the form and nature of the Cameroon State, its persistent false characterisation of Federalism as Secession and championing, for the last 20 years, a meaningless decentralisation process has brought Cameroon to where it is today.””

In other separate resolutions of NEC, the party assures Cameroonians that, upon the arrival of the SDF to power, it will bring to light the truth on the recurrent murder of religious officials in Cameroon. The party condemns the lack of an adequate road maintenance policy in Cameroon.

The party expresses worries on the inadequate level of preparation of the African Nations Cup and says Biya will be held responsible for any eventual disgrace. At the end of the meeting, NEC resolved that the elective convention will hold from October 26 to 28, 2017.

*(ASMAC Student On Internship)

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