Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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SDF February 2018 Convention To Decide Whether MPs Should Resign 

By Chris Mbunwe

SDF Senators and MPS

Meeting over the weekend in Bamenda, the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, resolved over the controversial resignation of some Anglophone MPs, following pressure from their electorates.

The MPs alleged that groups of youths stormed their residences calling on them to resign from Parliament in Yaounde.

Briefing the press, SDF Shadow Cabinet Minister, Prof. Ajaga Nji, said Hon. Mbah Ndam and a host of other MPs were forced to resign from Parliament by their popullation.

He, however said, given the seriousness of the Anglophone Problem, NEC resolved that the upcoming Convention will examine the fate of the Parliamentarians.

The National Convention that has suffered two postponements has been billed for February 2018.
“We have resolved that all SDF elected officials should continue to exercise their duties normally until the Convention takes a firm decision on this matter. Meantime, NEC called on President Paul Biya to call a Constitutional Conference to resolve the Anglophone Problem,” he disclosed.

Prof. Ajaga Nji said what is referred to today as Anglophone Problem is the brain child of Biya, who delayed in nipping the problem in the bud, else, it could not have reached this level.

NEC equally condemned the brutalisation of Hon. Nintcheu and other SDF militants in Douala and the banning of the peaceful demonstration by the Wouri administration, who had earlier authorised the demonstration.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, instructed that SDF officials must side and defend to the last drop of their blood those they represent in Parliament.
He condemned those who have been fighting him all this while, instead of facing the common enemy and wayward Diaspora youths.

To ‘lazy’ Parliamentarians, Mayors, Senators, Fru Ndi warned that the party won’t take the risk of investing them again.

“Troublesome MPs, Mayors will not be allowed to run for any post, especially those who have persistently defied Article 7.4 of the SDF Constitution that makes reference to payment of dues to assist the party in carrying out activities.

“Some of the you have become very greedy. There are reports that elected officials don’t support party activities, when these are things you don’t have to be reminded of.

“To most of you, it is your own turn to chop. What a shame? When you chop and have your fill, you turn and start fighting Fru Ndi. No! We must not continue to tolerate this. All over the world, elected party officials support party activities.”

NEC validated the election of the new Regional Bureau of the Centre Region. Another NEC shall be convened to pick precise dates for the February Elective Convention in Bamenda.