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SDF Issues Ultimatum For Replacement Of ELECAM Head 

By Fanny Mbain

The Buea Electoral District of the SDF has given a one-week ultimatum for Betty Efosi Ndoka to be replaced.
The call is contained in a letter written on May 9, 2016 addressed to the Southwest Regional Delegate of ELECAM.

Betty Efosi Ndoka is the Head of Buea Council Branch of ELECAM.
The Buea SDF officials cite two instances in which they made the demand but which fell on deaf ears.

According to the officials, they first made the request for the replacement of Efosi Ndoka during the visit of ELECAM Director General to Buea on January 16, 2016 and the again on March 30, 2016 at a stakeholders’ meeting convened by ELECAM Board Member Dr. Dorothy L. Njeuma.

The SDF officials said Njeuma only said, “The matter will be discussed in a separate meeting.”
“Today May 9th – 39 days after her undertaking, she has not been able to convene such an important meeting,” reads the SDF petition.

“We first reported some of her (Ndoko) shortcomings to you as her employer on 31st December 2014 in a letter No BED. 2/59/2014. This is because her actions in that office have damaged the Electoral Process in Buea and for the sake of Public Peace we want her REPLACED,” further reads the letter.

Some of the shortcomings the SDF accuses Ndoko of include; transporting women from Limbe and students from OIC Buea to register for a strange polling station called Bongala in Bojongo to enable the CPDM win.

This alleged misconduct was filed in in Ref. BED 2\3\13 of February 15, 2013 but nothing was done about it.
For the 2013 twin elections, she allegedly gave the SDF list of polling agents to the CPDM contrary to the law and fueled the massive corruption which the SDF Party saw though the CPDM was still declared winner.

“She single-handedly selected people who were CPDM diehards to head polling stations,” said the Buea SDF Electoral District Chairman, Kwendi Tayong Johnson.
The SDF said the matter came to a head in 2014 when Ndoko spearheaded the non-payment of Commission members, exclusion and stealing of Commission allowances and wrote a letter to the Mayor appealing for office material without the knowledge of the party Chairman.

This complaint is contained in Letter No. BED 2/59/2014 of December 31, 2014.
Meantime, the SDF is anxious to know if on June 23, 2015 Ndoko did not want pay from Buea CPDM for work already done.

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