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SDF Littoral Crisis NEC members Beg Nintcheu To Step Aside 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Hon Nintcheu, Littoral SDF

Hon Nintcheu, Littoral SDF

Two members of the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the SDF, Celestin Djamen and Abel Elimbi Lobe, have asked the former Chairman of the Littoral SDF, Hon Jean Michel Nintcheu to step aside.

The duo was speaking on September 21 in Douala, at a press conference they organised.

According to them, Hon Nintcheu and members of his bureau should not be allowed to be candidates at the party’s Regional election.

Djamen and Elimbi who are Councillors at the Douala I and V Councils respectively, have since 2013, been leading an anti-Nintcheu campaign since the MP’s second mandate as Littoral Regional Chair of the SDF ended in 2013.

During a NEC meeting held in Bamenda on July 30, 2016, Article 18.8 of the SDF Constitution was invoked,dissolving the Nintcheu-led bureau.

Since then, no Regional election has been able to hold.

Nintcheu on July 24 defied the decision of NEC and organise an elective Conference at the Douala I Electoral District.

Meanwhile, during the press conference Djamen and Elimbi said NEC simply instructed Senator Jean Tsomelou, who is leader of the NEC Commission charged with reorganising the SDF structures in Douala to ensure the implementation of Article 18.8in the field.

According to them, NEC did not validate Nintcheu’s candidature.

“NEC could not have validated the candidature of somebody who committed an act of indiscipline. The NEC decision is being deliberately misinterpreted by Nintcheu and his men and is being used as a strategy to manipulate public opinion,” they stated.

Djamen and Elimbivowed that they would fight very hard to ensure thatNintcheu is not a candidate in the next Littoral SDF elective conference.

“Any NEC member, who for any selfish reasontries to manipulate things to push Nintcheu’s candidature, will be on war path with us.”

They called on Senator Tsomelou to take his responsibility.

Speaking to The Post in Douala on September 23,Djamensaid they did not do any wrongby inviting the press to address an internal issue of the party.

“Our action was to protect NEC and uphold the decision it took on July 30 dissolving the Nintcheu- led executive bureau. Our action is being misinterpreted andmanipulated in the media,” he said

Djamen argued that it would be statutorily and politically wrong for NEC to have invoked Article 18.8 and at the same time allowed Nintcheuto seek re-election.

“Of what use then was NEC’s decision toapply Article 18.8?

Meanwhile Nintcheu’s supporters say they have already constituted a list for the MP in the imminent elective conference.

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