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SDF Officials Disappointed Criminal Court Acquitted Me-Kumase 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

John Ndangle Kumase, former mayor of the Douala IV CouncilThe Former Mayor of the Douala 1V (Bonaberi) Urban Council, John Ndangle Kumase, claims that some SDF officials are disappointed by the decision of the Special Criminal Court to acquit him.

Kumase said the officials had prayed vehemently for the Court to send him to Kondengui Prison.

The Special Criminal Court in Yaounde last March discharged and acquitted Kumase of a two-count charge of alleged embezzlement of funds when he was Mayor of Douala 1V between 1997and 2013.

Kumase is now a frontline candidate for the post of Chairperson of the Littoral SDF in the ongoing reorganisation of the basic organs of the party in thatRegion.

According to Kumase,most of the detractors who were praying for his imprisonment were members of the Littoral SDF, precisely from the Nintcheu faction.

He told The Post that he has a copy of a correspondence which Nintcheu addressed to some Chairpersons of SDF Electoral Districts in Littoral, referring to him as a criminal and a candidate for Kondengui Prison.

Kumase said this happened in 2015 when he and some of his comrades opposed to Nintcheu’s leadership, started visiting some parts of Littoral to inform officials of his intention to run for the post of Littoral Chairperson at the next Regional Elective Conference.

He said Nintcheu in the correspondence urged those District Chairpersons to disregard him and his team, questioning how somebody who was on his way to Kondengui Prison would be able to run the Littoral SDF.

Besides that, Kumase said each time hecame up at the Special Criminal Court, some members of the Nintncheu camp would inform some local mediaorgans to blow the story.

Kumase also stated that when he travelled to the US last year to visit his children, the Nintcheu camp allegedly got their friends in some media organs in Douala to write that he had escaped to Nigeria, to avoid going to jail.

He said that even when he returned to the country, a French language daily newspaper which had the story of his alleged escape on the front page, would not correct the defamatory allegation made against him.

In addition, the former SDF Mayor said those media organs close to the Nintcheu camp remained silent when he was finally discharged and acquitted.

Kumase, a long-serving Chairman of the Bonaberi Electoral District of the SDF, also leads another faction in the crisis-torn Littoral SDF.

They have since 2013 opposedHon. Jean Michel Nintcheu’s continued leadership.
The National Executive Committee, NEC,recently dissolved that bureau.

SDF Littoral Dying?

Kumase argues that he is running for the post of Chairperson because the Littoral SDF is dying dueto bad leadership.
“I cannot continue to watch the party go down without taking action to revive it. I was one of the first persons in the then Littoral Province to become an SDF militant in 1990.

I have since then remained so committed to the SDF, which I strongly believe is the only party that can bring meaningful change to our country,” said Kumase.

He added, “In past Regional elections, there were calls for me to be candidate for the post of Regional Chairman, but I refused.

But I cannot continue to stand and watch, while the party is drowning in the Littoral.”
He said if elected, he will serve for only one mandate.

“My first mission will be to reconcile and reunite the militants of the SDF in the Littoral and revive the party in the region. The level of the division, bitterness and hatred that Nintcheu has created in the Littoral SDF, is frightening. Nintcheu has caused a lot of damage to the SDF in the Littoral. He has sewed a lot of division among militants,” said Kumase.

Twelve years ago, Kumase played a major role in Nintcheu’s becoming the Chairperson of the Littoral SDF. But the relationship with Nintcheu turned sour, with Kumase saying Nintcheu became a dictator and would neither listen to advice nor work with the Executive Bureau.

He said almost all the members of the Bureau of the Littoral SDF thatNEC recently dissolved were co-opted by Nintcheu.

Osih’s Partisanship

As concerns the decision taken last year by the SDF 1st Vice National Chairman, Hon. Joshua Nambangi Osih, to join the Nintcheu camp,Kumase described Osih’s action as unfortunate.

He said in his capacity as 1st Vice National Chairman, Osih had the responsibility to reconcile the factions in the Littoral SDF crisis and reunite the militants rather than become partisan.

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