Monday, November 19, 2018
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SDF Pays Homage To Pioneer Mayor Of Nkum 

Hon. Evaristus Njong

Hon. Evaristus Njong

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, party, August 20, paid homage to the departed pioneer Mayor of Nkum municipality in Kuvluh village, Bui Division.

At the late Aladji Mayenin Amadou Kifon’s compound, the Northwest SDF Regional Chairman, Hon. Njong Evaristus, said they went to pay homage to a man who set the foundation of the Nkum municipality and its development.

According to Njong, late Amadou Mayenin Kifon was a devoted SDF militant who worked tirelessly and died as a true patriot.

To him, Mayenin Kifon was one of those rare persons who could groom his successor and allow him take over as mayor even when he was a councillor.

He said the late Mayor was a rallying force, a peace loving man and a development monger whose footprints will always remain on the sands of time.

While expressing satisfaction at the turnout, Njong said the party is growing and is even readier for upcoming electoral duels, which he said would make Aladji Mayenin Amadou have peace in his grave.

He equally conveyed the heartfelt condolences of the SDF National Chairman.

Speaking earlier, the incumbent Mayor of Nkum Council, Suila Aruna Kidze said his mentor had served as the mayor for two and a half mandates.

He also said he had taken part in most fund raisings meant for the construction of mosques in Bui Division.

Like the SDF Divisional Coordinator for Bui Division, Mallam Issa Mbinkar, Suila Aruna expressed his appreciation at the presence of SDF National Chairman’s representative, the Chief Whip of the SDF in Parliament, MPs of Nkum Mbiami, Jakiri and Ndu, the Mayor of Kumbo and his colleagues from Bui and Donga-Mantung Divisions.

The District Chairman of the SDF and the Kuvluh village head, Shufai

Kah, were all gladdened by at the presence of the SDF party authorities.

He said that the departed had fought tirelessly to make them proud.

The SDF militants all prayed the party to look after the 13 orphans and two wives left behind by Amadou Mayenin Kifon.

By Tume Humfrey Vernyuy In Kuvluh

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