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SDF Picks Holes in Twin Elections, Bury The Hatchet 

By Isidore Abah
Militants of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, in the Buea District, Southwest Region, have begun assessing the shortcomings that led to the party’s defeat in the September 30, 2013, twin elections.
The adherents of the party met at the party’s Secretariat in Buea on Saturday, May 10, during the Buea District Conference. 
The militants of the party were meeting to appraise the party’s performance and to chart the way forward, after the September 30 twin elections.
Addressing militants of the party, the Buea District Chairman, Johnson Kwendi Tanyong, said apart from bribery, intimidation, buying of polling agents and the caging of the electorates by the CPDM that marred the elections in Buea, most SDF militants were not honest and faithful to their party.
“Some of you took money and allowed our votes and results to be changed,” Kwendi said.
The District Chairman further said that some party executives in Buea were disgruntled that they were not allowed to gun for the positions of Mayor, Councillors and MP by the party, during the investiture process and so acted against the party.
The reorganisation of the Buea Electoral District barely 15 months to the elections, according to Kwendi, was also responsible for the poor performance of the party in the elections. 
“It was not easy to reorganise the Wards, supervise the registration of voters and adequately compete with the CPDM within 15 months,” Kwendi stated.
However, with all the above shortcomings that marred the elections, the Buea District Chairman said the party recorded one of the best results in recent years, scoring a percentage rate of 43.22 against 55.52 percent by the CPDM.
 Kwendi, nonetheless, said it was time to bury the hatchet and form a united front for future elections.
“Having lost together, let’s now, together, as a united District, pull our resources together for future elections,” Kwendi appealed.
At the end of the District Conference, militants pledged to actively take part in the National Day celebrations and the up-coming party anniversary on May 26.

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