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SDF Poised To Cause Repeal Of Electoral Code 

By Chris Mbunwe
— The National Executive Committee, NEC of the SDF has announced that it will cause the repeal of the new electoral code that was voted at the March session of Parliament.

SDF militants saying no to new electoral code

According to resolutions arrived at a two-day NEC meeting chaired by John Fru Ndi over the weekend in Bamenda, NEC condemned what it termed "the CPDM’s bad faith when it pretended to have an electoral code that could be considered as consensual".

It affirms SDF’s determination not to tolerate this masquerade, which according to NEC, does not respond to the aspirations of the Cameroonian people. The three-page resolution denounces the attitude of the CPDM regime, “which consists in permanently carving laws to suit their selfish interest to the detriment of the general will of Cameroonians”.

It calls on "all patriotic Cameroonians to stand ready to join us when the time comes in implementing our plan of action for good electoral laws". To this effect, the SDF insists that the absence of democracy in Cameroon is the root cause of the country’s stagnation.

Concerning what the party qualifies as social ills plaguing Cameroon, such as the disappearance of babies in public hospitals, fire incidents and the flooding of prisons with high level criminals, the SDF condemned the violence orchestrated on Vanessa Tchatchou by Government, notably by her military ejection from the Yaounde Gynaeco-Obstetrics because she was claiming her natural rights to nurse her baby.

The party calls on all the women to support their peers who are victims of such acts that have deprived them of their children and grandchildren. As such, the party says the CPDM regime must take urgent measures because such acts tarnish the image of Cameroon.

According to the SDF, these supposed fire incidents are intended to hide arms for ulterior motives. The SDF NEC reiterates that corruption and embezzlement have been instituted by an unpatriotic leadership suffering from a chronic deficit of legitimacy, brought about by their refusal to implement basic democratic principles.

The SDF concludes by congratulating the Socialist Party of France and its candidate, Francois Hollande, for what the party describes as his brilliant campaign, high sense of statesmanship and programme that has earned the respect of the French people and the International Community.

Meanwhile, the 8th Ordinary Convention of the party has been scheduled to take place from October 12-14 in Bamenda, while the next NEC meeting is billed for June 30, 2012.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01338

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