Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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SDF Run Council Wins FCFA 2million FEICOM Award 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Forcha, Mayor Kumba II

Forcha, Mayor Kumba II

The Social Democratic Front, SDF, run Kumba II Council has been identified as the best managed Council in the Southwest Region.

The recognition came from the Mutual Council Support Fund, FEICOM.

Recently, FEICOM organised an award ceremony in Yaoundé, during which, the announcement was made. In addition to the award, the council bagged home FCFA 2million.

According to the Mayor of Kumba II, Martin Forcha Ndobegang, the award is dedicated to the entire population of the municipality.

The Mayor said the award is a great honour to the Sub Divisional Council for the efforts made towards bringing development to the people. He said having his council singled out from among all the councils in the Southwest will spur the current team to do more for the people of his area.

Ndobegang said at the time of submitting the council’s file for the award, they were aware of other contenders, but said, the jury must have seen the unique development approach of the council area.

The Mayor noted that, beyond basic actions taken in other areas of life, the council is involved in varied development approaches. He stated that most of what the council does within the community is based on the bottom-top approach.

The municipal authority said with such an approach, the Kumba II Council responds based on the desires expressed by the population.

He explained that the Council remains the development agent of the Government that is using a new concept of zoning. Forcha said his council area has been partitioned into seven development zones to ensure proper development and community participation.

Quizzed on what the Council will do with the FCFA 2million from FEICOM, the Mayor said plans are underway to see how the money will be invested into a community project.

Such a project, he went on, must be of general interest to the people who the Council is called upon to serve.

He extended appreciation to FEICOM authorities for the recognition and promised to sustain more development actions in Kumba II.