Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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SDF Senators, MPs To Confront Southwest Governor Over Police Brutality 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairrman

Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairrman

Social Democratic Front, SDF, National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, Senators, Members of Parliaments, Mayors and thousands of militants of the party will today, December 5, confront Southwest Governor over police brutality on the students of the University of Buea, UB.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai was served with a notification letter to this effect on Thursday, December 1.

A peaceful demonstration staged by the students on the school campus last week turned ugly, when the police raided the campus and even the students’ hostels, molested and remanded hundreds into custody.

The Post gathered that at least 5000 SDF militants are expected in Buea to accompany the party’s National Chairman.

While in Buea, militants of the party are expected to march from the Buea Independence Square to the Governor’s Office, denouncing the recklessness of the police on the students.

It is also said that the SDF Chair will demand explanations from the Governor over reports of human rights abuse on students.

Fru Ndi, The Post learnt, will also be demanding answers on reports of intimidation on teachers who have allegedly been coerced in the last few weeks to return to classroom or face actions.

Besides the demands, the opposition frontline leader is expected to hand over a sealed message of his party’s stance on the prevailing circumstances plaguing the Region for onward transmission to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

After meeting with the Governor, the Fru Ndi is expected to address the crowd before returning to Bamenda.

Meantime, it is reported that free buses have been hired from all the areas of the Region to give the main opposition party leader a hilarious reception in Buea.

It would be recalled that last week, a similar exercise was organised in Bamenda, during which, the SDF Chair, alongside the party’s Senators, MPs and Mayors marched on the streets of Bamenda to the Northwest Governor’s office.

They were accompanied by UPC MPs. The core message at the Bamenda rally was for President Biya to completely demilitarise Bamenda.