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SDO Accused Of Plotting Fon Of Kom’s Death 

By Jean Marie Ngong SongFon YuH II

Suspicion and fear have invaded the Komroyal court in Boyo Division after accusations levelled against the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Boyo,Joseph Oum II, and some second class chiefs of trying to assassinate the Fon of Kom, Vincent Yuh II.

Joseph Oum II was initiated into the Kfifoin (Kom secret society) by FonYuh II in January 2016.
In the last week of December 2015, rumours had brokenout that the Fon of Kom had joined his ancestors following his hospitalisation at the Mbingo Hospital.

Apparently upset by this accusation, the SDO, who is barely three months old as a member of the Kfifoin, reacted by accusing the Ntumfoin (Fon’s messenger) of the Fon of Kom, Terence Chah Bam, who doubles as the Mayor of Njinikom, of initiating him into the secret society with the intention of plotting his death.

These accusations and counter-accusations were sparked by a petition signed by Prince Emmanuel NgamAyeah, in which he accuses SDOJoseph Oum of conniving with some second class chiefs within Boyo to kill the Fon of Komby poisoning.

The petition was sent to the Presidency, the Prime Minister and the Delegation of National Security having as subject ‘Poisoning of Fon Vincent Yuh II of Komunder the Conspiracy of Joseph Oum II SDO of Boyo Division’.

“On the 27 of December 2015, a nephew of one Albert WaingehNdim (a cousin to the impostor of the royal compound, Nsom Johnson Chongsi) by name John Waingeh, who is a palace attendant (Chindo) visitedFon Vincent Yuh II at Mbingo Hospital with another poisonous stuff rubbed in traditional beans. But the Fon refused to eat. He left thinking that the Fon would eat and left just to announce in Fundong that the Fon had died the same day at 2pm,” reads the petition.

The petitionfurther states that the SDO for Boyoannounced that he was to attend the annual NjongsiKom festival at the Fon’s palace from the 2-4th of January 2016 and talk to the Kom people to support the impostor he installed as second class chief at Anyajua who is his candidate to the throne, for he did not visit the Fon while at hospital.

“Sir, we equally urge you to cause the investigation of those gangsters that poisoned Fon Vincent Yuh II of Kom under the conspiracy of Johnson NsomChongsi, Joseph Oum II John Waingeh…and prosecute them,” the letter reads.

For his part, NtumfoinChah Bamon March 22, 2016refuted the SDOaccusations,saying the Kfifoin of Kom does not killbut rather brings peace and weeds out evil from the land.
According to Chah Bam, since he is very close to the SDO, the administrator consulted him after he (SDO) was informed he would be given the title of Nchindo by the Fonhimself.

“I’m now a scapegoat because I told him I was a mark of success in his career. That it was a mark of recognition because it is not all SDOs who have worked in Komwho have been given a red feather. These faceless people in the palace want to hijack the good intentions of the Fon of Kom to tarnish the image of Boyo administration, my reputation and market their hidden agenda about the succession crisis.

They are saying the SDO has been bought over;for how much? If these letter writers want something from whosoever, let them come out and let us sit at table and talk,” said Chah Bam.

He argues further, “If the SDO kills the Fon what will he gain? Be the next Fon? It is the kingmakers that decide who sits on the throne. These gangsters, rumour mongers and trouble makers should show up and let us talk. They are creating confusion in Kom. The administration and the Kfifoin are bent of fishing out the moles in the house in charge of all these letters. Today it is Prince Ngam, the next day it is Ayeah.”

Contacted to comment on the issue, the Chief of Service at the SDO’s office in Boyo said the SDO.
“The SDO cannot be poisoning the Fon of Kom. He does not have anything that can benefit him fromthe throne. He is a passer-by in Kom. He has no problem with his administration and has no problem with the administration of Kom,”said the Chief of Service.

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