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SDO Might Go Blind From Reading Petitions 

By Francis Tim Mbom
Fako SDO, Zang III, has cautioned the people of the Tiko Municipality, especially the staff of the Tiko Council, to desist from the practice of petition writing and rather bring forth ideas that could help develop the Division and the surrounding Municipalities.
Zang was addressing the people of Tiko on Wednesday, July 16, during the First Ordinary Session of the SDF-run Tiko Council, which had been convened to examine the revenue that it generated for 2013, how it was used and other issues related to the business of the Municipality.
Zang, at one point, indicated that his office has almost become flooded with petition letters; some from staffers of the Tiko Council against the Mayor and others from other quarters within Fako Division.
“Fako people like writing petition letters a lot,” and on a comical note he added; “That is why I have eye problems now, because I have been reading a lot of petition letters in my office,” Zang said.
The SDO advised that “those who have ideas which can help in the development of the Tiko Municipality, I would rather you meet the Mayor and discuss with him.” 
Zang congratulated the Tiko Mayor, Daniel Mokoundo Ngande, on his achievements in a pretty short while in the Tiko Municipality. This appraisal followed a series of projects that the Mayor disclosed he has already accomplished, following his election on September 30, last year.
Zang urged the Mayor to endeavour to do more and not to lose sight of the fact that he, now, has to work as a Mayor for all the people and not “exclusively as a Mayor for the SDF adherents,” whose votes, on the above said September 30, gave Mokoundo the mandate to become Mayor of Tiko.
The SDO also cautioned the Council workers against what he termed a habit of indiscipline. He said the Mayor cannot succeed if the workers of the Council do not commit themselves wholeheartedly to work. 
“I have instructed the Mayor to try to see into the problem of indisciplined personnel. I have been receiving a lot of query letters in relation to indiscipline within the staff corps and the Council cannot function smoothly in such situations,” the SDO added. 
He urged the Mayor to try to work in close collaboration with his Deputy Mayors; “You all were elected as a team and, I think, to succeed better, you need to work as a team,” Zang said.
Mayor Mokoundo took over the leadership of the Tiko Council from Richard Tita Fombon who was of the CPDM party. From Mayor Mokoundo’s account, it would appear some of the staffers who happened to have been employed by the former Mayor are the ones giving him sleepless nights. He said that, “some of them have the feeling that since they were employed by the former Mayor, they cannot not submit to my instructions.” 

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