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SDO Reminds Nfon Mukete Of HTTTC Official Site 

By Barnabas F. Mbonde & *Ornella Tiku

Chief Ebanja points out Mukonje boundaries on map

Chief Ebanja points out Mukonje boundaries on map

The SDO for Meme, David Koulbout Aman, has, via an administrative dispatch, lifted a heavy political cloud over the site of the newly created Higher Technical Teacher’s College (HTTTC) Kumba.

The Paramount Ruler of the Bafaw, H.R.H Senator Nfon V .E. Mukete, had seemingly wanted to pull Mukonje, the official site for the HTTTC, into a boundary conflict as soon as the creation of the college was announced.

For two and half years, the Bafaw ruler had pricked one or other delicate spot in Mukonje chiefdom, occasioning several trips to the SDO’s chambers. Disparities, however, kept looming between the two rulers, with the Mukonje Chief, Dr. Gabriel Ebanja, always presenting one official document after the other to support his argument, while Nfon Mukete often tried to lean on verbal influences.

Mukete had been seen as attempting to stampede Mukonje and influence Government officials into locating the HTTTC in Kumba Bafaw.

In a last-ditch attempt to achieve his wish, the Senator had made a stab at an “Inter-village Boundary Settlement Tribunal”. But in a tersely worded letter to Nfon Mukete dated 14 September, 2016, the SDO states that “answers to why the inter-village boundary dispute only started when the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya, created Higher Technical Teacher’s Training College (HTTTC) Kumba are found wanting”.

In his letter, SDO Koulbout states thus: “The Administration does not recognise what is referred to as “Inter-Village Boundary Settlement Tribunal.” We have been looking into the matter based on Article 2 of Decree No 78/322 of 3rd August 1978, instituting Commissions to settle disputes relating to limits of Administrative and Traditional Units, which put the Senior Divisional Officer competent to look into boundary limits concerning two Sub-Divisions.”

He further tells Nfon Mukete that the Commission that was put in place at his (SDO) level examined the three sites that were proposed and presented their report on which the SDO based his position, and not only letters from the Mukonje Traditional Council.

“Had you presented your arguments before the site was declared for public utility by the Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure and the Minister of Higher Education, settling on Mukonje, it would have been easy for me to reconsider my position.

Now that the Arrete from MINDCAF defined the area as Mukonje, it will not be possible for the Senior Divisional Officer to attribute to Kumba Bafaw the area after the site defined by MINDCAF.

We find ourselves bound by the Arettes of the referring to Mukonje,” Koulbout states.

In his conclusion, the SDO advises Nfon Mukete to contact the relevant Ministers with his arguments.

He, however, reassures the Senator that his office “shall act accordingly in the event where they [Ministers] have a change of position.”

*(UB Journalism Student on Internship)