Thursday, October 1, 2020
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SDO Threatens To Override Chiefs, Sack Wayward Quarter-Heads 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, has threatened to override Nfon Mukete and other Chiefs across Kumba and sack Quarter Heads who do not contribute to the cleanliness of the municipality.

Ntou’ou Ndong made the declaration on December 11 during deliberations on the 2018 budget of the Kumba III Subdivisional Council that sat at the Council chambers in Mambanda.
Complaints from Councillors that most Quarter Heads do not pay attention to the cleanliness of their areas, but focus more on levying fines on the population to enjoy financial gratifications, triggered the SDO’s threat.

According to Councillor Boniface Leke, there was need for administrative actions to be taken as a means of pushing quarter heads to be of use in the hygiene and sanitation drives of Councils, given their closeness to the population.

Comments in this light emerged when the SDO raised a worry that nothing had been said about strengthening the cleanliness of the municipality in 2018.
As Councillors evoked other issues concerning the Quarter Heads, the administrator said such will be sacked.

“Those Quarter Heads who cannot help the administration will be sacked. I am going to sack them, since they don’t want to collaborate,” the SDO declared at the session.
However, the Chieftaincy law puts the appointment of Quarter Heads under the tutelage of traditional rulers. In Kumba, Quarter Heads are appointed at the level of Nfon Mukete, while villages such as Barombi Kang, Kake II, Kake I, Mambanda, Malende and Mukonje have theirs appointed at the level of their various Chiefs.

In metropolitan Kumba, most Quarter Heads function in capacities almost synonymous to the rank of Second Class Chiefs and have a lot of disciplinary powers on the population.
At the level of Kumba II, when the Council created Development Zones and instituted Councillors as Development Committee Chairpersons, Quarter Heads threatened havoc. They felt that the development committees had taken control of the hygiene and sanitation drive, thereby depriving them of powers to issue convocations at the level of their neigbourhhoods.

The reaction of the traditional rulers remains to be seen if the SDO matches word with action. It will be recalled that ever since his appointment to Meme, the issue of hygiene and sanitation has been a major concern.

His predecessor, David Koulbout Aman, had an axe to grind with localities such as Konye whereby a majority of the locals defecate but in the bushes.
FCFA 400 Million For 2018.

Deliberations at the session culminated in the voting of a budget of FCFA 400 million balanced in income and expenditure for the Kumba III municipality in 2018. FCFA 160 million of the budget has been earmarked for development initiatives while FECA 240milion will be used for recurrent purposes.