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SDO Wants Travel Agencies Out Of Bamenda Town 

By Sylvia Waindim* — Mezam SDO, Felix Nguelle Nguelle, has promised to evict all travel agencies out of Bamenda Town. He said he will also stop illegal loading of buses in town, in order to revamp the Motor Park and economy of Bamenda I. The travel agencies have been advised to start relocating Up Station and in the peripheries of Bamenda like Mile 8 Mankon and Mile 4 Nkwen to curb illegal loading at Finance Junction, Mobil Nkwen and Commercial Avenue.

The SDO’s decision was in reaction to complaints by the Bamenda I Council authorities on the challenges they face in raising revenue. These difficulties were delivered by the Mayor of Bamenda I, Simon Acho Ngwen, at the council mid-year evaluation session.

While these illegal parks make distances shorter for passengers, it causes thick traffics in town and deprives far-flung parks of much-needed revenue. The Mayor said the illegal loading in these areas and the presence of most travel agencies in town has caused the Bamenda I economy to plummet as trade has declined. This is one of the factors causing the non-functioning of the newly constructed market by the Bamenda City Council.

After a meeting the Mayor held with transporters, they resolved to move back to the Mile I Park, but later that same afternoon they were spotted at Finance Junction. The Mayor thus called on the administration and the forces of law and order to join hands in restoring order in the transport sector.

The SDO, on his part, supports the motion of travel agencies leaving the town to Up Station.
He said he is ready to back the Mayor in his fight against illegal loading and bringing order to the transport sector in Bamenda Town as a whole. The session ended with the installation of the new Secretary General of the Council, Victor Ntam Chia.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01463

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