Friday, September 25, 2020
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Secession Is A Dead-End For Our People – Prof. Kamto 

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo
The re-elected National Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, Prof. Maurice Kamto, has stated that secession is a dead-end for the people of Cameroon.
The former Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Justice made the statement shortly after he was re-elected at the second party convention that took place from April 13 to 15 in Yaounde.

Addressing his Anglophone brothers, while presenting his general policy speech, Prof. Kamto said, Government’s refusal to apply the constitutional provisions relating to decentralisation and its immoderate taste for the use of military force, have led to what he termed a dead-end for his people.

Here him: “To my compatriots in the English-speaking Regions, some of whom have been pushed to radicalisation by the inconsistent management by the Government of a political problem which has single-handedly amplified for decades by its faults, its refusal to apply the constitutional provisions relating to decentralisation and its immoderate taste for the use of military force, I would like to say that secession is a dead-end for our people.”

Reaffirming this position and reminding the Government of what the CRM told it since November 2016, the National Chairman who doubles as the party’s candidate in the next Presidential election, stated that once elected President of the Republic, he will organise inclusive dialogue that President Paul Biya and his regime has refused to convene.
To him, “This dialogue, I consider it without taboos, but guided by the imperative that imposes on all of us Cameroonian citizens, to remain united and my commitment to guarantee the preservation of the territorial integrity of this dear country that we have inherited from the will of our parents on both sides of the Mungo to live together, regardless of the form of the State that Cameroonians would have decided on during this dialogue.”

Stating that too much blood has been spilled unnecessarily, Kamto said he is counting on personalities like Cardinal Tumi, Justice Paul Ayah Abine, Hon. Joseph Wirba, Prof Simon Munzu, Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Bala, Barrister Bobga, Dr. Neba Fontem, and others, to pass the message of the presidential candidate to brothers who were pushed to take up arms against their homeland and to those who were forced into exile.

“I am convinced that by putting together our many talents and our hearts for our common homeland, we will certainly achieve it,” the CRM Presidential candidate maintained.
Kamto humbly invited SDF Presidential candidate, Hon. Joshua Osih, NUDP of Bello Bouba Maïgari and other opposition political parties to join him, so that, with compatriots of all sensitivities, they can organise together the recovery of the country.

“Join me so that we settle with others the question of the sharing of power that I do not intend to be an all CRM-power, given that the social, economic and security situation of the country is critical and requires that the largest number of executives of the nation are involved in the titanic recovery work that awaits us,” he added.

Insisting that he will never accept the Constitutional Council just like the Supreme Court to protect a candidate, a fraudulent party or not to respect the choice of the voters during the next elections, Kamto said: “I am ready to bow to the victory of the candidate Cameroonians have chosen, provided that this choice was made in all transparency, respect of the law, equal treatment of candidates by ELECAM, the administration and the Constitutional Council. For there is no shame in accepting defeat where democracy is effective and the rule of law the same for all.”