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Second Arts Gallery Goes Operational In Buea 

By Walter Wilson Nana

It is the second in the municipality of Buea, Southwest Region, after COHA Gallery by international painter, Max Sako Lyonga.Situated in the Molyko neighbourhood, Tango Fine Art Gallery was officially opened Sunday, May 24. It is the handiwork of talented and vibrant painter, Emmanuel Tang Ngong, fondly called TANGO.

Tango explains his paintings to a guest

The artist is all joy to have seen this dream of his come to fruition. "I see it as a stepping stone. I have the urge to do more things if God gives me life. I am happy for this day. It is an idea I conceived more than five years ago. I have been working extra hard to ensure that this gallery comes to realisation," he said.

Painting and setting up of a professional gallery like the aforementioned, are not given to everybody. But Tang asserts that he was cut for this business. "It has been a long journey to get to this. Since my entire academic career; primary to university, painting has been with me. I have even been ridiculed by friends and family members that painting will not lead me to any where in the world. I did not listen to them because I developed a passion for it, which is my driving force," he said.

According to Tang, painting does put bread and butter on his table. "That is the message I am passing on. Football used to be a taboo in English speaking Cameroon in the years of yore, but today; everybody wants to see the child get into a football academy. It is same spirit some of us wish to introduce in the world of painting in Cameroon. The world of arts and talents has no limits," he remarked.

Most Cameroonians may not know the value of paintings but Tang is not dampened in spirit. "Even those who can afford it, painting is always last in their scale of preference. Those who make efforts to buy paintings are visitors to Cameroon, expatriates, some tourists and a few Cameroonians."

He invited the appealed to the powers that be to put Cameroonian paintings and culture on the limelight as it is done in other countries. "Something is being done, but there is room for more. In other countries, issues related to their culture are treated with a lot of importance," he said.
Victor Tegem, an ICT and Telecommunication Engineer, was at the launch.

He has this reading of paintings. "A painting to me is a thousand words. I have had interest in paintings and poetry since I was in the primary school. My wish is that paintings should be promoted, beginning from our primary schools and exhibitions like this should be regularly organised. These are good quality paintings."

The many national and international exhibitions that TANGO’s paintings have featured include; the Paris – Douala 2008 Last Picture Show V and the 2007 Black American History Week Exhibition in the University of Buea.Tang was born on April 10, 1981 in Cameroon. He is a graduate from the University of Buea, with a degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

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