Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Secondary School Teacher In Trouble For Supporting Separatist Movement 

By A Correspondent
The Anglophone crisis has taken a different twist with an upsurge in kidnappings,killings, rampant arrests on daily basis, young people targeted most. Over 700 young people have been killed since 2016 that this struggle for the State of Ambazonian began. The teachers and lawyers strike, it should be recalled triggered what is known today as the Anglophone crisis rocking the two regions Northwest and Southwest.

There is a pathetic story of , a certain Pingpoh Clive , a Secondary School Teacher, who was kidnapped by Separatists on June 13, for going to school and teaching, a thing Amba Defense Fighters had banned. He was tortured physically and mentally. The separatists allegedly collected 1 million FRS, from Pingpoh,s wife as ransom . About two months after the set incident,he was being called to report to the police station for questioning..After doing some inquiries to know why they needed him,it was said that some persons from the separatist movement where arrested and they had seen monetary transactions pointing to him and his wife,implying they where financial sponsors to the group. He escaped to an unknown destination for safety, given the fact that Government had threatened suspending salaries of civil servants who don’t go to work and kill those siting with the secessionist movement. Either way, teachers like Pingpoh Clive, Nfor Nicolas, Che Asumpta are not safe, from the hands of separatists or government.

It should also be recalled that Cameroon Protestant College has between two years lost two senior teachers, Government High School Wum three teachers killed by Amba and elite Forces, Govt Secondary School Chumba, two teachers. The list is endless.