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Senator Achidi Achu Cautions Santa Mayor Against Vengeance 

By Chris Mbunwe — The Vice President of the Cameroon Senate, Hon Simon Achidi Achu, has cautioned the new Mayor of Santa, Rev. Moses Khan, not to use vengeance against those who might have stepped on his toes, during the September 30 elections. “As you earlier acknowledged that I am your political god father, and as a true man of God, do not revenge, because vengeance comes only from God.

Be a father to all and continue with development projects that you have started and God shall continue to bless you abundantly,” Ahidi Achu said. The Senator was speaking, November 6, in Santa, where CPDM militants gathered at the municipal grandstand to celebrate President Biya’s 31 years in power. While addressing the youth of Santa, he urged them to intensify their agricultural activities and constitute farming groups, so as to get assistance from government.   

Earlier, one of the Directors in the Ministry of Public Contracts, and leader of the Central Committee delegation from Yaounde, Jonathan Fru, enumerated what Santa and the Northwest people have benefited from Biya’s reign. He cited schools, universities, roads and water projects, calling on the people to continue supporting Biya. Meanwhile, the CPDM Section President of Mezam II, John Begheni Ndeh, recalled that November 6, 1982, when Biya took over as Head of State, ushered in the New Deal era, giving hope for a glorious future.

He said Biya has fought through political and economic crises with tenacity and courage and has won international diplomatic victories. He said he was very elated that the celebration of the anniversary of Biya in power this year was unlike others because, “it is holding at a moment when the Santa Council has been released from the stranglehold of the opposition, SDF.”

He said it was a huge challenge for them to recover the Council from the SDF after 23 years, and thanked those who voted the CPDM. “Remember that President Biya is the natural candidate of the Santa people. Santa initiated and marketed the idea of the constitutional amendment that paved the way for President Biya to be eligible to run for the Presidential elections. It is, therefore, Mezam II that conceived the Presidential marriage to Cameroonians, which President Biya is enjoying today with the people. We have the constitutional right to claim that President Biya is our special son,” he said.

On his part, Santa Mayor, Rev. Moses Khan, said less than a week after taking office, he has cleared all salary arrears owed council workers for several months by the former SDF Mayor, Clement Atanga Wanki. “I am already maintaining two major roads at once, namely, the Santa-Pinyin road, and the Santa-Awing road. Not long from now, potable water will flow everywhere in Santa Town. So, you can see that in five years the votes from opposition will be knocking at our doors without stress”.

Drawing from his great achievements programmes, Mayor Khan insinuated that President Paul Biya “means serious business. As partners, my appeal is that we should rally behind him before God calls him into glory”. One of the elite of Santa, Ernest Ayafor Ayafor, said the Santa youth have now seen day light and are promising Biya that they will never return to darkness.

First published in The Post print edition no 01478

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