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Senator Petitions Biya Over Yang’s ‘Extreme Tribalism’ 

Prime Minister Philemon Yang

Prime Minister Philemon Yang

The Alternate Senator for Boyo Division in the Northwest Region, Prudential Ndim Wibua, has petitioned President Paul Biya against the recent appointments in the Ministry of Basic Education and other Ministries that were orchestrated recently by Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

The petition, dated August 10, a copy which The Post procured, has as subject matter; “The extreme tribalisation, egocentric and scandalous appointments in Basic and Secondary Education as well as other ministries by the Prime Minister Philemon Yang Yogi.”

The appointments leaked to the social media which went viral, to the disappointment of those who were tipped as new delegates.

Ndim Wibua holds that the Minister of Secondary Education appointed a Regional Delegate of Education who, to her, is one of the most experienced and competent personnel, but the population became flabbergasted and embarrassed that his name was dropped a week later, “because the Prime Minister had to appoint his tribesman “

The CPDM Alternate Senator tells Biya, who is their party Chair that; “We the CPDM militants in the Northwest and even beyond are not happy with the extreme tribalism exhibited by the Prime Minister as far as appointments are concerned.

In his subdivision of Oku, the best facilities in all Ministries are given to the staff administrators,” the letter reads in part.

To buttress her facts, Ndim Wibua points out that the Director of Technical Education is a son of Oku, from Prime Minister Yang’s village, the Regional Delegate of Basic Education for the Northwest is from Oku; Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education for Momo is from Oku; the recently appointed Chargé des Mission at PMs Office, hails from Oku; Representative of the PM’s Office at SNH Yaoundé, is “Yang’s brothers son. What an act of tribalism!

All the Principals and Headmasters in Oku Subdivision are sons and daughters of Oku, just to mention these few,” Ndim averred.

The Alternate Senator appeals for prompt investigation by the Head of State, else the consequences will be too huge to bear.

By Chris Mbunwe, *Noella Bih, Bertila Newu, Ngwanwi Nengeh Banda & Sulivan Neba (UB Journalism Students on Internship)

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