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SG-SOC And WECCARE Team Up To Offer Free Healthcare Services — Limbe, Cameroon, May 9, 2012: As a first step towards improving the lives and health of communities near its new project, SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SG-SOC) has sponsored a 50,000,000 FCFA three-week campaign to provide free medical care to a wide range of communities which do not have the means to afford healthcare.

SG-SOC, WECCARE medical staff attends to patients

Free examinations, free medicine and even free surgical procedures were all part of the medical care delivered. SG-SOC partnered with the well-respected local medical organisation WECCARE Foundation to create this innovative program, dubbed the Medical Attention to Rural Communities, MARC, program by the participants.

The scope of the program was wide reaching. Much needed care was delivered to an area spanning three sub-divisions, with the mobile medical team logging over 1000 kilometers of travel, touching Talangaye and Ayong in Kupe Muanenguba division and Meangwe and Lipenja I–Batanga in Ndian Division. Most impressive, however, was the number of lives and families touched by this ambitious initiative. More than 3000 individuals received medical attention during the initial three-week MARC program.

In Talangaye, where SG-SOC has a nursery and where the MARC program was launched in late April, approximately 700 patients were examined and treated, with 60 receiving surgery, and at least one receiving a lifesaving procedure.

The WECCARE medical team reported that several children had life-threatening malaria and would likely have died without the SG-SOC/WECCARE intervention. The turnout in Talangaye and the other villages was beyond expectation. Some late-comers had to follow the medical team to the next village visited, Ayong, and the demand for treatment was so great that a second visit to Talangaye was added to the medical team’s schedule.

Mr. Bruce Wrobel, CEO of Herakles Farms, the parent company of SG-SOC, visited the MARC team in action at Talangaye and received a tour from Dr. Oben the Chief Doctor of WECCARE Foundation and leader of the MARC team. “I am truly impressed with the work and individual care to each patient that the MARC team has done in these very difficult conditions,” commented Mr. Wrobel.

“The success of SG-SOC depends on having healthy workers and healthy communities. Most of these villagers can’t afford proper medical care and the local medical facilities lack electricity and medicine. We knew that this program could deliver tremendous benefits to the local families and we are pleased to have sponsored this initial program,” he added.

Wrobel, after delivering his thanks to the MARC team and receiving much gratitude from local families, promised the local elders that this was just the first of many medical, educational and business programs to come. “I think you should stop calling it the ‘SG-SOC project’ and start calling it ‘our project’,” he said. “We are building something special here, and if we all work together we will certainly succeed and build a model project for all of Cameroon to be proud of.”

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SG-SOC is a subsidiary of Herakles Farms, an agro-industrial company based in New York. It is presently establishing sustainable oil palm plantations in Cameroon.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01343

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