Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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By Chris Mbunwe

The National Shippers’ Council, CNSC, will be organising a three-day seminar, from July 1, in Bamenda, at the Ayaba Hotel.
The seminar will focus on the economic impacts and procedures for clearing goods at the Douala International Seaport.

According to a Press release, issued by the General Manager of CNSC, Auguste Mbappe Penda, the workshop will help to enlighten importers, exporters, business persons, forwarding agents and licensed customs and brokers of the Northwest Region on port transit time and cost reduction, master early fulfilment techniques, identify upstream formalities, the required documents for goods in transit as well as evaluate the economic impacts of anticipating administrative and custom procedures.

Mbappe stated that, “Anticipating procedures for clearance of goods at the Port helps to avoid incidental expenses such as parking, demurrage, warehouse and other charges that go to increase the cost of goods.” 
Apart from the objectives and achievements of CNSC, participants will also be drilled on how to remove containers from the Douala International Terminal (DIT), the documents needed for clearing goods in transit and documents to be presented at checkpoints along transit corridors.
The release states that after the seminar in Bamenda, CNSC will proceed to the North Region on August 13, and end in the East Region from October 7-9.

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