By Francis Tim Mbom

A US-based NGO, Sights Unseen, in collaboration with the Limbe Rotary Club, recently donated some eye correction glasses to some children at the Save the Children Alliance Orphanage and the Chantal Biya Foundation School in Limbe.

Robert Hites and Justin Barger of Sights Unseen said they were very happy, through their NGO, to help a few children see better with their free donation of glasses.

The glasses they brought were a new form of eye-correction glass technology made in the US where each patient, self regulates his own glasses until he or she attains the best vision. Then, the glasses are then fastened to remain at this best vision position.

That is how one of the recipients at the Children Alliance Orphanage, Paul Arrey, 17, got his glasses. Arrey, who has been at the Orphanage for six years said his sight, has not been the best for some time now. With the new glasses, he was able to see well.
Sights Unseen also assisted a journalist with a pair to help improve on his vision and his work.

Meantime, at the Chantal Biya School, three children: Jesinda Mokundu, Blaise Nkemnu and Kelvin Metutu, also got free eye-correction glasses.
Hites said: “It was a pleasure for Sights Unseen to partner with the Limbe Rotary Club to provide glasses to Paul, Lydia and Francis.”
He said he had seen that more children still need glasses and was ready to continue working with the Limbe Rotary Club to see how to assist the needy children.

Hites and Barger were accompanied to the Children Alliance Orphanage by the President of the Limbe Rotary Club, Peter Akote, who, on the spot, also gave financial assistance to the Orphanage.

Nalova Ngale, who runs the orphanage, expressed gratitude to Sights Unseen. She said her orphanage presently has 19 children. Though many did not really have eye problems, she observe, there was one whose vision is almost completely impaired.