Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Simplified Computer Book Approved For Schools & Examinations 

By Orock Eta

A new book titled ‘Basic Computer and Information Technology for Cameroon Schools’  is now available. The 296-page book on Computing, Information and Communication Technology comes at a time the government is setting aside the use of type writers, while launching IT centres and encouraging the use of computers in schools. This book presents to students both a vocational and a scientific approach to Computer and Information Technology.

The book is divided into chapters with diagrams and illustrations where appropriate. It is computer studies brought to its simplest, which helps the student to master key words and issues. It is also recommended for individuals who want to meet up with the computer age and also for students intending to take related examinations at the GCE both at Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

Dr. Augustine Che Mofor, co-author and initiator of ‘Basic Computer and Information Technology for Cameroon Schools’, says he is glad the book has finally been made available to the Cameroonian public. Dr. Mofor told The Post that the book is not only for students of Computing and Information Technology intending to write final examinations, but also for university students, computer novices and professionals. The book will be sold in bookshops around the country but whole sellers can contact Better Planning Ltd Douala.

About the authors: Dr. Augustine Mofor holds a M.Sc in Computer Science and Communications Engineering with in-depth studies in Electronics, and a PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering. He is Engineer for electronic devices based for Satellites and space communication and a lecturer in Electronics at the State University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart Germany. Dr. David Njibamum holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with specilisation in Communications Engineering, and a PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering. He is patent examiner for novel inventions in Information and Communication  technologies at the European Patent Organisation in Munich, Germany.

These two professionals left Cameroon after GCE advanced levels and as they add, the book and all examples used to explain the concepts were prepared for the Cameroonian society as they understand the level of difficulty in appreciating the subject in Cameroon. It should be added that they worked actively in the committee that prepared the final syllabuses for the GCE examinations and this book was prepared to also meet the requirements of the syllabuses.

The book is backed by the interactive cam_ict website where students and teachers can get in contact with the authors. The authors have promised to prepare teaching aid for teachers of the subject and also practical material to facilitate understanding. Meantime, the book will be sold in bookshops around the country while copies are available at whole sale price in at Better Planning Ltd, Douala.  You can also order through the cam_ict  website.

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