Friday, May 24, 2019
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Social Media Crown Hon Wirba Southern Cameroons Hero 

By Andrew Nsoseka

hon-wirba-josephFollowing the release of a video of Hon Joseph Wirba articulating and enunciating the Anglophone Problem in Cameroon, social media users have lavished praises on the Jakiri MP as of a rare, raw courage species in Cameroon.

As the video spread on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms, users began changing or adding ‘Wirba’ to their names as a show of respect and honour to Hon Wirba who called their problem by its name.

A cartoon of Hon. Wirba shows him crossing thousands of lines as an administrator dares him to emerge. The cartoon titled the ‘Wirba Challenge’ depicts an administrator drawing a series of lines saying, “if you cross one more time, you will see the consequences” while Wirba crosses, with a smile on the face and helmet under his armpit saying “I am a descendant of Warriors of Nso, you have no idea.”

In other instances, the name Wirba was being used to mean, “to fight back without an iota of fear in your spirit” an example of a phrase social media users gave was, “they broke into my room and I immediately ‘wirbalised’ to defend myself and escape to safety, hence surviving a biyaharamism”.

Other names that were used included ‘Atanganjism’, which, to them means; “act of betrayal without any iota of shame, as well as calvarise “to stop someone from making statements considered derogatory by the listener.

The word ‘Yang’, “baffled/confused to solve and issue”, also emerged.

The image of Hon. Wirba suddenly became the trending social media profile picture of most people. This was accompanied by the quote, “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.”

Another trending message on Hon Wirba, was titled, ‘why Hon Wirba Joseph should be man of the year and national hero in West Cameroon.’

This, they substantiated with the MP’s quotes from the just ended parliamentary session. Some of which included;

“…The people of West Cameroon are not your slaves. You did not conquer them in war.”

“… In West Cameroon, we believe in Freedom”

“I call it West Cameroon, because, you will never take it from our mouths again.”

“… The problem we have in West Cameroon is the problem that will bring Cameroon down.”

“..The people of West Cameroon have a duty to resist your oppression.”

“… I happen to be a descendant of warriors of Nso, nobody draws a line before me.”

“… If the people of East Cameroon have proven to us (West Cameroonians) that our blood means nothing, then, it is time for us to say it will soon be over.”

“… We the people of West Cameroon will resist you and if you want to take the territory by force, you will kill to the last man before you take it, and you can start from me.”

“… Does the President know that the Governors, DO’s and other Government officials are behaving exactly like colonial masters?”

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