Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Soldier Shoots Motorist To Clear Biya 

Pascal Mbiga, a worker with the Cameroon Petroleum Exploitation and Distribution Company, SOCAEPE, in Yaounde, is currently receiving treatment at the Yaounde Military Hospital, after he got shot by a sergeant of the Rapid Intervention Batallion, BIR, to clear the way for Biya’s convoy.

Eyewitnesses say Mbiga was shot through the windscreen of his car in the Mvan neighborhood; a few minutes before the Presidential convoy drove past. Biya was returning to the country from the Europe at about 5.30pm.

 Shortly after the President drove past, the victim told witnesses that a soldier had ordered him to park his car off the road to make way for the Presidential convoy and that as he was about doing so, a Sergeant, who was watching him from a distance aimed at him, shattering his windscreen and wounding him on the lap.

Mbiga was in the company of a female colleague and a baby in the ‘Toyota Yaris’ he was driving, but none of the other two was hurt.

The soldiers held their positions until the convoy sped past before following up to see what was happening to Mbiga. The roads having been reopened, usual priority was given to military personnel carriers of the military headquarters (BQG) and others from the Presidential Guards (GP) detachment of the army.

The attention of the public became drawn to the scene when one of the trucks suddenly drove off the road and halted on the sidewalk, next to the victim’s car. It was closely followed by a black pick-up truck of the GP. The commanding officers from both vehicles held a brief conversation with the soldier who asked the driver to park his car off the road and his colleague who fired at the vehicle.

While they discussed, Mbiga, who was still bleeding, could be heard yelling at the soldier who shot him to go away from him and that he didn’t have anything to discuss with the soldier.

Both soldiers and the wounded motorist were taken away for investigations. Mbiga was later admitted to the Military Hospital later that night.

Yaounde inhabitants have been forced to get used to the fact that the main roads in the city are always blocked for long hours, whenever the President is going out on or coming back from private or official tours or visits abroad. 

The precise day of the President’s return is never known to citizens and the only indicators or hint they have that their President is sneaking back into town is when soldiers paralyse traffic and keep the city under some kind of state of emergency.

Observers have questioned why Biya never uses the Presidential helicopter for the shuttle from the State House to the airport and vice versa.

Courtesy Cameroon journal


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