Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Soldiers Kill 2 In Ndop Riot, Families of Officials Kidnapped 

*Families Of Brigade Commander, Police Commissioner Kidnapped

By Chris Mbunwe

Two young men: businessman Ntomonie Chrisantus Meaepha and Franklin Ndoungnia, a farmer, were shot to death in Ndop on the eve of February 11 celebrations.

Soldiers shot the duo who was among youths protesting against mass arrests orchestrated by Fon Mebuefeh IV Njoya Sama of Bamunka in Ndop Central.

Fon Mebuefeh IV had accused the youths of burning the gate of a Francophone primary school.

The youths had burnt the door and some benches of the school to deter children from attending the school.

Reports say the Fon had called in the police who came shooting in the air. This further incensed the indigenes who ran riot.

The Post learnt that thereafter, Fon Mebuefeh asked the police to arrest two protesting youths, which the police did.

Angered beyond control, the population reportedly set out to burn the palace. However, The Post learnt that the people were persuaded against this act and they went on to burn a residence belonging to the Fon.

Reports also said the population warned the Fon to quickly cause the release of those arrested otherwise they would disown him

By press time, unconfirmed reports reaching our newsroom said the family of the Brigade Commander for Ndop, Kangtou Pierre, and that of the Police Commissioner, Gerard Koungshi, were abducted and taken to an unknown place. The abductors are demanding the release of all the youths detained before they can release the families of the officers of the forces of law and order.

Meantime, the situation is still very fluid.



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