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Soppo Baptist Christians Exhorted To Support Pastors 

By Gabriel Ngong*

CameroonPostline.com — The new General Secretary of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, Rev. Godwill Ncham Chiato, has called on Christians of the Soppo Field in Buea, Southwest Region, to support missionaries. Rev. Ncham Chiato was speaking during his first meeting with Christians of Soppo Field, Saturday, September 22, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church Great Soppo.

“Big churches should at least chip in a minimum of FCFA 20.000 a month to support missionaries,” Rev. Ncham said. Christians were encouraged to show more love and care to clergymen. More so, all the Fields and their churches should register their pastors in the Social Insurance scheme in order for them to still have a good income even after retirement.

The CBC General Secretary called on the Christians to be aware of their identity and their Baptist doctrine, holding the Bible as the only document to measure their faith, in order not to be tossed like waves by any wind of false doctrine. He encouraged the Christians to be passionate about evangelism, calling on the church to embark on both home and foreign evangelism.

He also informed the Christians that, in the nearest future, those who feel they have been called to do missionary work will be given the chance to apply for financial support from the Convention and churches so that they can fulfil the great commission. Rev. Ncham’s visit coincided with the Soppo Field Council of Churches (FCC) business meeting that started with an exhortation from the Soppo Field Pastor Rev. Samuel Ndeley.

Rev. Ndeley spoke on theme “Guilty or Not Guilty” drawn from Matthew 12: 38-45 bringing out three points; the Evidence of Neneve, the Queen of Sheba’s evidence and the Evidence of Incomplete Deliverance that will stand against people on the Day of Judgement. The Field Chairman, Brother Fred Mokoko, in a welcome speech, had highlighted the key expectations of the Field which are the issues of moratorium and the constitution. 

In response to the speech, the Rev. Ncham said, ‘’I don’t see this Field as the radical opposition and non-cooperative field as was the case before because now I have a better understanding of their actions.”  He added, “The only message I am leaving with the Soppo Field in general is one of unity, love and oneness. I will try my best as a servant to serve this Convention and nation.

Speaking to The Post later, Rev. Ndeley said, “the benefits of this meeting are enormous as the Christians have had the opportunity to feel the presence of their leader in their midst, they are able to channel their problems directly, and also to the pastors because he has their interest at heart.”
*UB Journalism Student On Internship

First published in The Post print edition no 01377

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