Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Southwest Elite’s Anti-Protest Transforms Into Drinking Spree 

By Andrew Nsoseka

Mayor of Buea Council, Patrick Ekema,

A protest organised by some elites of the Southwest Region, to be led by the youth on January 18 meant to denounce the on-going Anglophone strike, crumbled and quickly transformed into a drinking orgy.

At about 9:00 am the elites spread text messages to journalists and other people on a purported protest by ‘Southwest Youths’ taking place at Bonduma Gate, Buea.

When The Post hurried to cover the ‘breaking news’, it met a handful of council police workers and a few youths drinking heavily at the premises of the Bokoko Community Hall.

Realising that a quorum for the demonstration had not been met, the agenda was changed to a “Southwest elite meeting to support President Biya’s view of a one and indivisible Cameroon.”

The second agenda also failed since only Buea Council workers showed up for the ‘elite’s’ meeting and the drinking continued. Later, the said ‘Southwest youths preparing for their protest’ renamed the elite’s meeting one for a united Cameroon.

The Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, with his body guards arrived at the premises and on seeing the poor turnout, ordered the workers to return to their offices.

The workers hurriedly emptied their bottles and started leaving the premises without the protest or the elite’s meeting ever taking place.