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Sports Court Annuls FECAFOOT Elections 

By Basil Afoni

The Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSC) in a verdict on Thursday, November 12, annulled the recent FECAFOOT electoral process that saw Tombi à Roko elected FECAFOOT President.

The court’s verdict was in favour of Abdouraman Hamadou, Joseph Antoine Bell, Brigitte Mebande and Emmanuel Loga who were all calling for the annulment of all the recent FECAFOOT elections, both in the regions and at the national level.

“The whole electoral process organised by FECAFOOT, within its departmental and regional leagues, as well as that at the federal level has been cancelled,” reads an extract of the court’s verdict.

On Thursday October 2, 2015, Abdouraman was victorious in the CCA case against FECAFOOT.  This victory was the court’s verdict annulling the first resolution which was adopted during the special session of the General Assembly on August 5, 2015.

This was however, a partial victory for Abdouraman over his opponents and the verdict seemed open to various interpretations.

In an interview with CRTV Kalkaba Malboum, President of the CNOSC, clarified the issue. “When we talk about the first resolution, it means that there are other resolutions that led to the adoption of other texts including the electoral code. The electoral code is not of concern and the election cannot be cancelled,” he told CRTV.

However, Abdouraman Hamadou later appealed the decision, insisting that the whole electoral process should be cancelled.

The decision to annul the FECAFOOT local and national elections was predicated on the argument that electoral rules were in violation of a national law that regulates sports activities in Cameroon, as well as an article in FECAFOOT’s own statutes.

Recently, Cameroon football legend Albert Roger Milla had advised that FECAFOOT should meet and dialogue with Abdouraman in order for him to withdraw his case at the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee. However, this advice fell on deaf ears.

FECAFOOT has 21 days to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.