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Spygalss:Sometimes, Men Are The Weaker Sex 

By Azore Opio

I am not a naturopathic physician, gynaecologist nor am I "physio-the-rapist", but I can tell you that men often, if not always, are the weaker sex.  A lot of men, you will agree with me, can’t go for more than one round of sex at a time because of weak erection or premature ejaculation. Some men ejaculate within a minute of penetration. Now, this is usually both arousing and frustrating for the woman. This is a dangerous combination; arousing a woman during a drawn-out foreplay and just as she opens up for penetration, relaxed for the show to begin, you turn on the shower. And it is all over. This is more scotching than weak erection.

If you develop this habit, then you are sure that anything can happen. Believe me. But if you could maintain a rock-hard erection for, say, half an hour to one hour, even a nymphomaniac should be absolutely satisfied. Yes, if a man could hold on for his partner to reach orgasm, the question of how many rounds you go during intercourse may not arise. A round of intensive intercourse lasting between 30 to 45 minutes is better than trying to go ten rounds in ten minutes. But that is not really where the trouble is.

Women may have been labelled the fairer sex, but they seem to be more capable than they have been letting on and have superpowers genetically coded in their extra X chromosome they have been keeping from us. You and I know that women have two enormous X chromosomes. "We-men" only have one X chromosome and one puny, little Y chromosome that is being circumcised with each generation.

According to Prof. Brian Sykes of Oxford University, the Y chromosome "is disappearing before our very eyes. Within 100,000-200,000 years it will be gone – and so will men." Ah! Men are an endangered specie!

Anyway, this is where the trouble is; men may take on greater risks and pursue more hazardous vocations than women, but there are poorly understood vulnerabilities inherent in men’s genetic and hormonal make-up. For example, even-handed male biology studies indicate that men’s troubles begin in the womb.

Despite the fact that there are more male than female embryos, there are more miscarriages of male foetuses. So you see the point; men are less likely to survive than women from conception. It’s not just that; girls learn languages earlier, develop richer vocabularies and even hear better than boys. Girls have a knack for insight and judgment earlier in adolescence than boys, who are more impulsive and take more risks than their sisters. As adults, too, men die earlier than women who also have more vigorous immune systems than men.

Alah! Men are really fragile, that is probably why they have simply been sexist, duping women that they [women] are the weaker sex. It is time to focus on the unique problems of men just the way we have learned to do with women. Women are the "death" of men.

They "kill" men all the time with their double-X chromosomes. Put side by side, men are the fairer sex. My kinsmen say that if you want to transport a stubborn bull to the market, just bring along some cows and the bull will walk majestically even to the knackers. Can you imagine being tricked by a woman to drive for over 300 km just to have sex? It happens all the time. It happened to a friend of mine.

The call came in at 10 am. Omam turned the key desperately and the car roared as he floored the accelerator pedal. He shot past the palm trees that lined the gravel drive to his office, around a curve and into a petrol station where he filled the car up. Once at the wheel again, he shot out of the station, sped passed a red light, missing an old woman by centimetres.

Omam was on his way to Yaounde. Vera was waiting for him. On the highway, he stepped on the pedal, pressing it down on the floor. The tar shot under the bonnet like something ravenously consumed. As the trees whipped past above, Omam thought of Vera. He was going to bust her today. He held the car in the middle of the road and watched Vera in the motions he loved, watched her swimming, dancing in his mind. He thought of her tender, gay, excited, neutral, and willing.

Milestone after milestone sped by. Omam’s mind was far away as the car raced at its meal of tar between the bands of dust and loose stones beside the road. A truck hobbled ahead of him. He was running late. He wrenched away from the dark smooth mat of tar and swore.

Then a horn shrieked behind him with a suddenness that made him jump. For an instant, a Land Cruiser trembled in the mirror, big and close. The Cruiser whizzed past, at hundred and fifty at least. It cut in viciously. Omam watched one of the loose stones the size of a marble flick up from the rear wheel. It came hard and he ducked. There was a cracking noise as the windscreen shattered. He swore at the tail of the Cruiser swaying in front of him.

It was just after 1 pm when Omam came in sight of Yaounde. He slowed down and wove his way among the traffic. He found Vera sitting on a bench waiting for him at the Nvan motor park. Guess what happened. Omam never had the sex he was about to die for. Instead, he housed Vera in a hotel and shopped for her for three good days!

Men are the weaker sex, believe me. A friend of mine tumbled down while scaling a three-storey apartment to have sex. He limped on crutches for half of his life. Then another pal prepared a candle light dinner for a date who was coming over from Douala. After waiting two hours in vain, he decided to drive over for a look-see. Forty-five minutes he was past the Mungo and over the Wouri Bridge only to find a man working overtime on his date. So, who is the weaker sex?

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