Monday, November 19, 2018
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Start Parking Out of Kumba, CPDM Orders SDF 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Lawson Tabot Bakia CPDM Section President Meme IA

Lawson Tabot Bakia CPDM Section President Meme IA

Militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, in Kumba have asked the Social Democratic Front, SDF, militants to start parking out of the metropolis before the 2018 elections.

They made the call in Kumba, during celebrations marking President Biya’s 34 years in power.

According to the CPDM Section President of Meme IA, Lawson Tabot, there will be a clean sweep of everything the SDF controls in Meme Division.

To him, any time elections are convened, the opposition party will be completely flushed out.
Tabot said, irrespective of what the party’s representatives are doing at the moment, by 2018; there will be no political party to withstand the CPDM.

Pointing to the new SDF Kumba I Council Chambers under construction, the Section President averred that the house is being built for the CPDM to take over.

“The tenants occupying my council building will leave in 2018. Before elections, there will not be any candidate for the SDF. We will flush the SDF out of the city.

Even the parliamentary seat they are occupying and the seats they have on the Mbonge council board, will be take then from them. The landlord is coming back for retirement in 2018 to take over,” Tabot noted.

Quizzed on the animosity within the party, the Section President admitted that, even with such situations, the goal of the party is to forge ahead and win future elections.

He said with the turn out at the 34th anniversary celebration of their Chair as President, ”our dead Meme IA is seeing the light of day”.

To him, credit must be given to the militants of the party who turned out for the event. Tabot intimated that the support from the militants has been the source of his strength and that of the party.

According to him, having militants partying into the night was a sign of huge concern and renewed momentum for the CPDM.

To their Chair, Tabot said ” Meme IA is ready for you. If we did not do it last time, this time, we are ready to do it for you”.

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