Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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State Auditors Probe Limbe Ports Authority 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Elements of the Supreme State Audit, the commission in charge of sniffing out all those who have stolen from the state, are reported to have carried out a probe at the offices of the Limbe Ports Authority on Tuesday, July 28.

The Post could not immediately get the reason for Tuesday’s “landing at the Port Authority offices” by the state’s embezzlement ‘sniffer dogs’ but an official at the Fako Divisional Office in Limbe confirmed to The Post that the SDO had cleared the way for the elements to carry on their probe mission at the Limbe Ports Offices that morning.

When The Post got to the premises at Down Beach one of the female staffers confirmed that the auditors had been there and subsequently left for their Bota offices. The staffer refused to divulge any other information. The Manager of the Limbe Ports, Thomas Ndive Molungu was said to be on leave when the officials landed.

When The Post later called him by phone to find out what was amiss, he simply said he was on leave and not “even aware” of the visit by the Supreme State auditors. And then he dropped the phone.

The Limbe Ports, though seemingly not that active, still generates quite some income from a series of persons and cargo transportation business that goes on at the Bota wharf.

A good lot of goods are imported into the country from Nigeria via the Limbe wharf and, also, tons and tons of food stuff are shipped weekly out of this same wharf to Equatorial Guinea. All these activities generate quite some income in the form of port charges and rentals paid by other vessels that use Ports structures.

It is therefore not still clear what the Supreme State “sniffer dogs” were looking for at the Ports Offices. The Post made several attempts to reach the head of the team, Celestin Nzo, by phone but to no avail.

One retired staff of the Limbe Ports told The Post that the auditors might just have been out for their routine control of the port’s activities. “Such controls are normal when the auditors tend not to understand certain things” from the reports of the port services they must have got.
The Post further gathered that the team has been in Limbe during the past three months digging through the files of several state establishments in the town.

It is worth noting that it was the finale of similar controls, like these present ones, that finally landed the former Government Delegate to the Limbe Urban Council, Samuel Lifanda Ebiama and the former General Manager of SONARA, Charles Metouck and others at the Kondengui Maximun Security Prison in Yaounde. And their crime is said to be that they fidgeted with state funds that were entrusted in their care.

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