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Stay Away From Confections To Avoid Tooth Decay – Dentist 

By Rachael Takang* — Dental problems are never any fun, but it could easily be treated says Dr. Paddi Musenge, a dentist at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex.

Some people at some phase in life are challenged with dental problem. This could be caused by the care or lack of care given to the teeth. Sometimes it could be hereditary. According to Dr. Musenge, many dental problems are generated from poor dieting; that is high consumption of carbohydrates, excess candies, accidents and sometimes with children form mixed dentition.

Swollen, soared and bleeding gums equally provoke dental problems. As for tobacco, Dr. Paddi says it does not only damage the human lungs, but equally damages the teeth. The pains that accompany dental trouble are sometimes indescribable. A dental patient, Larrisa Nabila, told The Post that said she has been putting up with toothaches for close to five years hoping that some day it will end.

Another dental patient, Melvis Agbor, said the dentist advised her to fill in the teeth and not pluck it out. The two patients said it is very difficult to leave with the trauma of toothache since the consumption of solid food or anything sweet provokes the pains. Upon paying a visit to a dentist, she was advised to uproot the tooth, that was the last molar.
She said it was hell enduring the pains.

Dr. Musenge, however, says it is easy to avoid dental problems. He urges people to stay away from candies, chocolates and using sharp objects in the mouth. “Avoid the consumption of tobacco, too hot or too cold food; water and ice cream are not necessary as they damage the gum and tooth,” Musenge said. He argued that dental treatment is not as complicated, cumbersome as other health challenges that need attention.

Said he, “remember, tooth decay occurs when the sticky substance that forms on the teeth combines with sugar and starch, producing acid that attacks tooth enamel. This can be prevented simply by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and visiting a dentist regularly”
The dentist affirmed that Africans are known for their strong, white and bright teeth.

“This proven true by the fact that our grandparents consumed food items that contained little or no sugar. But it seems this was true some years ago, because the present generations are taking delight in consuming a lot of chocolates, biscuits and lollipops. This is copied from the Western culture and many see it as good life without knowing the damages to their health and teeth,” Musenge said.

He said parents who think pampering their kids is all about giving them candies, must think again and again before doing that. He said that plenty of vitamins and proteins should be given to children because they are good for their body build up. “And most important, your tooth brushes should be handled with care; keep it rinsed, dry, upright and to yourself.“

*UB Journalism Student on Internship

First published in The Post print edition no 01373

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