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Stay Away From Kumba, SDF Warns Biya, CPDM 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Leaders of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, in Kumba, Meme Division of the Southwest Region, have warned the Chairman of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, Paul Biya and his party to forget about winning any elections in Kumba for the next 15 years.

They made the declaration at the Metta Quarters Junction on May 26, during celebrations marking the Silver Jubilee of the SDF party.

The SDF District Chairman cum Mayor of the Kumba III Council, John Kona Makia, was the first to echo the declaration, stating that the party still has over 15 years to change the face of Kumba before any other political configuration can win any of the three Councils and the Kumba Urban Parliamentary seat.

According to Honourable Boulevie Mbanya, the momentum of the party to further expand its base only lends credence to the 15 years forecast for continuous victory in all political consultations in Kumba.
Hon Mbanya, who is the Divisional Coordinator of the party, declared that the registers of the SDF in Meme and Kumba in particular are at the verge of being closed, due to increase interest from people who want to become SDF militants.

The MP urged the militants to go back to the various wards and corners to bring those who left the party under different situations, as the party has opened its doors for reconciliation.
He challenged the militants to apply through the Professor Kwi-led Committee to join the party, given that, at 25, the SDF is aiming for higher political glory.

On the possibility of the 15 years political prophecy to be made manifest, the District Chairman of the SDF in Kumba I, Raphael Tanyi, observed that, in due time, the achievements of the party in Kumba will be feasible for the population to judge.

Tanyi averred that, at 25, the SDF still remembers the sacrifices it has made to bring freedom to Cameroon.
On the controversies surrounding the famous Article 8.2 of the party, Tanyi said it is only part of a 49-article constitution which remains a disciplinary instrument for the militants of the party.
To Mayor Abel Ebako Ndoh, there are possibilities for the SDF to remain in charge of the entire Meme beyond the next 15 years.

He explained that, if for the last 25 years the party has been able to make political gains which were not visible from the beginning, the momentum can bring more glory, if unity reigns in the SDF.

Four CPDM Militants Decamp To SDF

Another major highlight of the event in Kumba was the presentation of four new militants of the party by the Divisional Coordinator and other local party leaders.

The new members, in turn, made bold their resignation from the CPDM to join the SDF as it grapples for social justice in Cameroon. Among them was Thomas Fomukong Nchinda, former CPDM Sub-section President of the Housa Quater II of the Meme I C Section; Elias Mbianke, a teacher of GBHS Kosala, formerly Treasurer of the Kosala II Sub-section; Simon Ekoke Nkongho, formerly an executive member of CPDM Meme IC and a certain Kabila.

Nchinda said he was joining the SDF because for 32 years, others who left the ruling party have seen light shine on their path, thanks to Fru Ndi’s party. He disclosed that he had notified his CPDM hierarchy through a resignation letter.

Mbianke, on his part, disclosed that the CPDM, right from the days of the CNU, has failed in respecting the hierarchical rise of militants from the very basic organs of the party. He further stated that, even with his position as Treasurer in a Sub-section, others do not allow him to do his job.

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